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Football Failures Are Chief

A day after the huge loss to the Oakland Faders, I am still trying to understand what to think of the Kansas City Chiefs season of dismay! I am not an Oakland Fader fan by any means but my hat goes off to the better team that won. After five quarters of up and down hard battling football fun the Chiefs finally succumbed to the opposition. Sure the Chiefs had chances to win the game several times during regulation play and could not get it done. Can we blame the kicker for the two blocked field goals? Not really, it was not his kicking skills, or lack there of, but rather poor blocking by the front line. Should we blame only the offensive line? the defensive line? Special teams? No, but rather a combination of all aspects of the team that failed to win this game. Had the Chiefs won, the following week, they could have played to win the AFC west division title, and if they beat the Denver Donkeys won it all! But unfortunately this is all a moot point,  because they lost. My feelings are that the Kansas City Chiefs did not deserve to win the division and represent the west in the playoffs. Their play this year has ranged from extremely poor play to way above their talents play. They are using their second head coach this year, and simply were not prepared to play in the NFL during the preseason. Their talents were better utilized by the interim head coach Romeo Crennel, and my kudos go out for his efforts the past two weeks. I hope they continue to show the better side of the team in next weeks last game of the year against the Denver Donkeys and beat the living daylights out of them! I am quite aware that if they beat Denver, it will hurt their draft position a bit this next season, but quite honestly, I simply do not like the pompous Donkeys and their partial owner John (horseface) Elway. I want them to suffer, and go slinking home with their donkey tails tucked between their legs. This said, the season is basically over for the Chiefs, now is the time to assess the individual talents, especially the rookies, and prepare for next season , where hopefully their injuries will be a great deal less common and severe, and their wins more plentiful!

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Yes Virginia there are miracles IE: KC Chiefs beat Packers!!

Just sitting here, basking in the glow of a rare Kansas City Chief's victory. I must profess that I like 99.9% of the football world did not think the Chiefs could, would, or even might pull a win over the up to then unbeaten Green Bay Packers. After watching the entire game, and like most, not believing my own eyes, I had to relive the game several times thru various sports shows and newscasts. Once I recovered, I began to assess what had happened and how it did so. First of all, the week began with the joyous news that Todd the Horrible Haley was finally axed for his incompetence. Yes the Chiefs did incur horrendous injury losses with the 3 major contributors being lost for the entire season all curiously from knee injuries. Yes this hurt the Chiefs chances to match up to stronger teams, but to start the season getting stomped into the mud by 3 different teams, was just plain ugly. Most teams even bad teams do not get totally dominated and look so just plain inept game after game. Another sign of the bad times ahead was the lazy manner in which Haley handled the team during the shortened preseason. ALL of the other teams had the same short preseason, but the majority of them did not come out of the gates backwards like the KC Chiefs.  They came into games unmotivated, unprepared, and basically flat as a pancake, and were steamrolled over by the opposing teams. In the first 3 games they acted like they could not compete at the high school level , and much more the professional level. They played downright UGLY, and had no one to blame but their head coach's very poor decisions not only before the season but during games. In at least 2 of the first 3 games his poor judgement cost yards, and he badly mismanaged the game clock. Not just UGLY but UBER UGLY!! Then came a stretch of games where the Chiefs actually looked competitive, and they won 4 games in a row! Looked like their lethargic start was over and they were back in control. But not so fast, once again  spiraled down losing game after game. Finally Monday of last week, after playing arguably their worst game of the season against the New York Jets, Scott Pioli got off his fat derriere and with Clark Hunts approval fired the brainless wonder child Haley. Immediately they promoted Romeo Crennel to the head coach position, I personally viewed as a fantastic choice, and the team as a whole seemed to breathe a sigh of collective relief.  I even hope that the Chief's head office pulls their heads out of their rears and seriously consider Crennel as the permanent head coach. Once Romeo Crennel had become a bit more accustom to his new position he quickly promotes Kyle Orton to the main quarterback role, and Rick Stanzi (the previous 3rd string) as his backup. I do not have anything against Tyler Palko, but his play in place of the injured Matt Cassel was uninspiring, badly handled, and he made way too many extremely bad game decisions. Old Haley stubbornly stuck  with him, and the Chiefs continued to spiral downward. Once the game started it quickly had a different feel from earlier games. The Chiefs came out to play, and play they did. They took the kickoff right down the field , but had to settle for a field goal. Then the defense took over and manhandled the Packers at virtually every turn. The Chiefs secondary covered the Packer receivers like fur on a dog, and continually harassed pretty boy Rogers, and they did it with mostly with just a four man front. By halftime, the sense of a huge upset had begun permeating  the entire stadium, with the Packers slinking  into their locker room down 6-0. The Packers were still in the game, needing only one touchdown to go ahead in the game. The much needed touchdown came in the third quarter and the Packers finally had their lead for the first time in the game. But unfortunately for the Packers it was short lived as the Chiefs immediately marched down the field and connected on another field goal after being stymied from a touchdown to take a two point lead which the Chiefs never relinquished again in the game. One more field goal made the score 12 -7, and then the Chiefs finally dealt the death blow with a touchdown making the score 19-7.  The Packers came back with a touchdown of their own, but were unable to click again and the Kansas City Chiefs came away with an unbelievable win over the Packers, ending the Packers hopes of an unbeaten season, and making new Chiefs fans throughout the entire area, for at least for another week. Now hopefully the Chiefs can build on this win, and come back next week and beat Oakland, and beat the Denver Donkeys (sorry I meant the Broncos...old habits are hard to break). This might give Romeo Crennel a running chance of being the next true head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. All is good in Mudville right now, and for at least 6 days we here in Kansas City can truly say " Yes there is a Santa Claus!"      

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The puppy piranha pulls no punches!!

One of the biggest pleasures in my life are my two dogs, both from the Psychos R Us School of Canines. I have two of these puppy dogs. Actually they are both older but I am not sure wiser dogs. Sammy is the older of the two, about 8 years old, and a black labrador mix, the biggest sweetie ever put on the Earth. He is about 70 pounds of pure love, not a mean bone in his body. Even though he does like to woof at anything that moves and then trot off to woof at something else. Jensen is our latest acquisition, rescued from a life of endless kennel time. He is 57 pounds of sneaky love. We think he is a mix of Jack Russell Terrier and Springer Spaniel. Looks a lot like the RCA Nipper dog, same brown patch over his eyes, and just as curios. He came to us by way of my sister the realtor from one of her clients who decided that they no longer wanted him or their other dog and were going to put them in a pound. My sister's heart which is bigger than the State of Missouri, could not allow this, so she called us, and we became new proud parents.She kept the other dog to complement her own old dog. We like to refer to Jensen as our devil dog. He tends to get into things he shouldn't but it does make life more interesting. One note, we tend to call him "Jimmy" after several months because my sister said his name was "Jimpson". Until one day when my sister brought us some papers on the dog and we realized after month's of calling him "Jimpson and Jimmy" his name was actually "Jensen". Confused yet? So are we. Anyway back to Jimmy, he is a big cuddler. He loves to crawl up on your lap, or next to you when you are laying down, and then snuggle his head under you. He also tends to be a rubbery dog. He likes to lie, draped over you with the seemingly impossible positions that make him appear to have not nary a bone in his body. He also sheds ginormous amounts of hair. I have never seen any animal shed more than his own weight in hair on an hourly basis. Think I am kidding? Try vacuuming around the livingroom and within a few minutes, it looks like a the great blizzard just dropped in and left its mark. Sammy needs constant love, day in and day out, or actually second by second. He is constantly jabbing his nose into you letting you know you are not paying enough attention to his world. He also is still not thrilled with us acquiring a rival for our affections. Jimmy has begun picking up Sammy's bad habits, and is beginning to vie for his own attention. It is becoming a big battle daily with each dog trying to get more love than the other. Sammy loves to fetch balls, toys, even empty bottles, and Jimmy begins to get jealous and barks out his frustrations. We have tried to teach Jimmy to fetch, but his idea of fetching is to grab the ball away and go over and lie down with it. I am not sure if he is too dumb to learn or too smart to be fooled into chasing the stupid ball. Who is the really dumb bell here, huh? Sammy has also acquired the new name the "Pasta Piranha". This noble title has been bestowed on him by my wife due to a new peculiar habit he has started.  One night while eating spaghetti, I held a piece up for him to eat, and he attacked this pasta like a school of piranhas taking down a full grown oxen. Snap, snap,snap in a full ferocious attack and the pasta was gone, but luckily not my fingers in the process (I did check thoroughly even so). What makes this particularly amusing is normally Sammy takes food from you very gently. Film to be shown at a later date. More coming on these two knuckleheads in future posts.

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Now that is just downright mean!

Wandering through my storied past, I come across another tale from the recesses' of my wicked mind. The story begins as I and my best friend Jack (names have been changed to protect the truly embarassed) are driving our way from Kansas City to Chicago to buy and sell at the big Toy Show that is held 3 times a year in Chicago. On our trek northeasternly Jack is telling me about how he had spent the last six weeks working out everyday trying to improve his health, and stamina. He spent quite a bit of time reshaping and was extremely proud of his results. Personally I am not a really observant person and in all honesty I had not noticed any change in him, due in part to the fact that I had  seen him many times over that period . so I did not notice the gradual process of change. Anyway, not really thinking about it, we continued on our way and the conversation was forgotten by me. We arrive that Wednesday afternoon, and begin unloading merchandise from the van and to take up to our hotel room. Within a few minutes of our arrival, one of our mutual friends and fellow toy traders comes by and immediately remarks to me that I am looking good, and how did I lose my weight? I explained I had not been doing anything special and thanked him for his comment. He turns to Jack eyes him for a second, and nods his direction. He then turns back to me shakes my hand with another compliment  and wanders off. I begin unloading again, when Jack remarks in a kind of annoyed way,"What gives here? I have been working out hard every day for 6 weeks, and he does not even notice me. You however have not done one thing , and he is all over you gushing about how much better you look! What gives?! I turn to him and shrug and begin planning my next move. Realizing Jack is somewhat frustrated, I decide to add some gasoline to the spark of  fire. I am such a pyro when it comes to annoying people. My plan forms in my head as a clear picture of wickedness! Later that day, I slip out of the hotel room on the pretense of room shopping for toy purchases. I proceed downstairs to several dealers I know who always have the same room numbers at this show. I tell each of them about what has happened, and encourage them to come to our room in the next day or so and compliment me on my fitness, while ignoring Jack's hard work. I also instruct each dealer to tell other dealers within the hotel what is going on and not to let on to Jack what I had planned for him. Boy this really worked out better than I had ever dreamed! Satisfied, I return to the room and settle in for the fun to begin. Sure enough within an hour or so a dealer walks in. He begins praising me and ignoring Jack. I act embarrassed by the compliments and thank him. He nods at Jack and leaves. Jack sits there brooding, as more and more dealers filter into the room, with basically the same actions. The day passes to the evening, and I can tell Jack has gotten more ruffled as dealer after dealer wanders in. That evening he grumbles about the situation some more, and not generally a very happy camper. I continued acting like the sympathetic friend with the shoulder to cry on, greatly amused at his snubbing. I keep  reassuring  him that things would be better the next day. The morning hours begin new tortures for Jack as more and more dealers come in and praising me while in most cases almost completely ignoring Jack. By now Jack is fit to be tied, I think everyone in the hotel must have heard of the fun and everyone wanted to join in. Just before lunchtime, in comes this giant friend of ours (we will refer to him as bear). Now bear is the six foot six individual with wild curly black hair, beard stubble and tattoos running rampant on his arms. He looks like an original Hell's Angels founder. However Bear is one of the nicest gentleless guys you would ever meet. He comes up to me and gives me a huge hug, with those giant long arms. Stepping back and surveying me from head to toe, he grins and says "Jon my old bud,how ya been? You're looking great, you losing weight?." Then for the final straw that breaks the camel's back, he turns to Jack and kind of snorts at him in contempt and asks"Why don't you follow Jon's lead?" The next moment even I did not anticipate the reaction from Jack. He suddenly leaps up and shouts angrily" Dammit it all! I worked for weeks at the gym, to trim down, and all he did (me) is nothing! Everyone thinks he is looking great, but no one is even mentioning me!" With that, he storms out of the room, grumbling loudly all the way down the hall, and vanishes. The dealers there in the room burst out into a hearty laugh, which lasted for several minutes. Out in the hall other dealers in on the joke,  are snickering at him as he leaves. I continue selling that day and several hours passed before Jack shows back up. Obviously in a black mood, he drops into one the chairs still grumbling, but not so loudly now. After he sits there a while, I finally admit that I set him up, and Jack informs me he will get me back for my trick. Needless to say he never forgot that and did try on at least one occasion to get me, but that is a story for a later date........maybe after I work out a bit!

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Thoughts of no particular importance or impotence!!

Being a collectibles dealer for approximately 20 years, I have run into all kinds of strange people, insane people, goofy people, and just funny people. One story that comes to mind happened about 12 years ago, when I was doing regular antique shows/ flea markets in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At that time , the collector items , specifically Pepsi character glasses were a fairly hot item, and I usually sold them fairly quickly. These glasses are 16 ounce heavy glass, and on one side they have a colorful round circle with a super hero or villain emblazoned in the center (hence the reference to Pepsi Moon Series). This one particular show, I had brought with me a complete set of 16 super hero Pepsi moon series glasses, and I was pretty proud of myself, because to have a complete set in itself was really rare. So I smugly set the glasses on one of my display shelves, and finished setting up the entire booth. Priced this set at $350, which was about right for each glass if sold separately. Now next to me was this cranky old dude named Joe, whom I had known for a year or so. He sets up his display, and to my chagrin, he has an entire cardboard table which he fills with these same Pepsi Super Hero moon glasses. Then my heart really sinks as he sets up a cardboard sign in the middle of the table "Choice $2 each". Not being of sound mind or body, and needing some cash to buy anything else, I did not try to purchase any of his, except for a few rarer glasses . Oh well maybe the next show I would sell mine. So I began to fiddle around with other things, and tended to customers. About one half hour into the beginning of the show, I noticed a very nicely dressed woman making her way up the aisle. I see her stop at Joe's booth and start rifling through his glass assortment, paying close attention to the sign in the middle of the table. Turning away, I continued helping another customer, not really watching what was going on next booth over. A couple of minutes pass and the same woman appears in my booth and starts looking over my selection. She stops in front of my display of glasses and begins examining each unit one by one. Finishing with the customer I had been working with, I stroll over to her and ask her if she needs any help? She turns to me and says " Could you do any better on the price of these glasses?" Now I am thinking she wants me to drop the price for the set down to the same price as Joe's, but I politely say " IF you want the glasses right now, I will sell the set to you for only $320." She replies to my surprise "OK, wrap them up, and I will be back to pick them up".  Then pulls out the cash and pays me and leaves. Stunned I glance over to Joe's booth and the glasses on his table are still sitting there. I walk over to him and ask if he would do any better on the entire lot of glasses he has sitting there , and he tells me no, he just witnessed me selling my set for a lot more money. Shrugging, I pull out the cash and pay him for the glasses on his table, which number 87. He boxes them up, and I move them over to put under my table cloth in my booth. I then wrap up a set from the glasses I just purchased, and just as I finish, up comes the same woman. "Why haven't you wrapped up my glasses? she asks. I reply "Here they are maam, I had several sets with me today, and some extras also. " She looks at me in surprise and says "Oh, well how much will you sell me the other sets for?" Now I am really amazed! I know with the set still on display plus 2 other sets, and 39 other glasses, we are talking some nice chunk of change. Not missing a beat, I tell her I will sell all the rest of my inventory for only $1100. She stands there a minute and then says "I do not have enough cash, could I give you a check?" "Sure I can, your check is fine with me" She proceeds to pull out $700 more in cash and writes me a check for an additional $400. After she is done paying me, she says she will go get her husband to pick them up, so would I please wrap them all up. Dumbfounded, I begin wrapping glass after glass, and fill half a dozen empty boxes for transport. Within a few minutes, the lady shows back up with her husband in tow, and he begins carrying out the boxes. Not being able to resist, I ask the lady while she is directing her husband's actions "Maam, I do not mean to be rude, but I have to ask, earlier the guy next to me had some of these glasses on his table, why did you not buy his? " She turns to me and admonishes me by saying "Oh those things? They were just reproductions, they were too cheap to be real!" Then she leaves as her husband wheels out the last boxes. Joe walks over to me shaking his head, because he had been listening to my exchange with her. "Jon I just do not believe what just happened!" I nodding my head in agreement tell him " Yeah I hope you are not upset about the transaction!" Which he looks with me and grins saying "Jon, sometimes your the dog, and sometimes your the hydrant....today I think I am the hydrant", and walks back to his booth. This is a crazy world, huh?

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Thoughts of no particular importance or impotence!

A few weeks ago, my son got a refund check from AT&T. This of course is not a big deal, however the check was for .02 CENTS! To issue this check they must have spent 1 to 2 dollars for the labor, paper,ink, and postage. And these mensa monkeys wonder why their profits are not any higher? Whjch makes me remember the following true tale of AT & T HELL! I had a similar experience a number of years ago but in reverse. I ended my relationship (otherwise known as the royal screw) with AT & T . About six months went by and suddenly I started getting bills from them for what they claimed I still owed them. The amount? It was the grand sum of total importance to them of .10 CENTS! I had paid them in full when I closed the  account according to some mensa monkey pencil pushing bill, yet now six months later they wanted an additional .10 CENTS! I refused to pay this amount, based on several theories. One was simply they said I had a balance due at the end of our stormy royal screw, and I paid that balance, thus ending all debts to them. Unfortunately according to their pencil pushing mensa monkeys they were able to scrape up an additional national debt I owed of .10 CENTS! Over the next year and a half, I continued to get dunning notices at regular monthly intervals . BUT as the months passed the bill grew to .15 CENTS! Finally I called (on a competitors phone which was giving quite good service) and spent an hour in AT & T HELL trying to resolve this burdening debt. I was told at that time by their own MENSA MONKEY that the charge would be cleared and I would not get any more billings. Satisfied, I forgot about the bill until about 45 days later, I get a call from a COLLECTION AGENCY trying to collect the now huge bill of .15 CENTS!! Now I do not know about you, but as far as I am aware, collection agencies do not hire the sharpest tack in the box, but this particular agent was fairly pleasant and assured me that the matter would be handled. SURE enough I started getting aporoximately one call a month from various collector agencies pleading with me to pay the bill so they would make a huge profit from my .15 CENTS!! At first I politely explained the situation, and they all agreed I was correct. This degraded into less polite refusals from me to pay what I felt was an illegal shakedown by the AT & T mensa monkeys and their hit squads of collector goons. Months go by and I finally started getting what seemed to be talking to collection agents who had obtained a brain from the wizard of OZ! The next couple of agents informed me that they would indeed have the debt wiped from my record and settle this ridiculous foray into my privacy. GREAT, finally some sense to this madness.......at least for about 3 months, and then another call, but now my debt had ballooned to .17 CENTS! This meant the collection agency was now making even more money from this transaction if and when they actually collected it from me. This happened several times more, and then finally I stopped getting the phone calls and the billings. Wow, peace at last, and AT & T only spent about a BAZILLION dollars trying to collect what eventually went to .17 CENTS!! The kicker to all this was several months passed and then I started getting sweetheart letters from AT & T and their mensa monkeys telling me what a great company they were, and would I like to sign up for their phone service? I truly believe that I would rather stick my feet in glowing hot coals while hammering nails into my testicles, and being forced to watch in person Roseanne Barr and Rosie O'Donnell rubbing oil into each others naked bodies before I will ever again subject to the Mensa Monkeys at AT & T! Oh Lord someone please hand me the Comet Cleanser so I can scrub out that  horrible picture from my already severely damaged brain!!

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Kansas City Chiefs one and done!

Ok the bad news is the Chiefs got pounded by the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens ate them for breakfast and did not leave any scraps for lunch. But on a whole this is not ALL bad. The Kansas City Chiefs  ARE the AFC West Champions this year! I for one applaud the wonderous season given to us by the Chiefs. They were able to turn a season that everyone (including my blockhead self) believed to be just another sub par season into a Division winning season of magic. They have thrilled us this year with highs and depressed us with lows. Yet still they achieved what virtually no one expected, and at times almost looked invincible. They started the preseason looking fairly vanilla, with only very faint glimpses of the coming thrills. Then they broke out on Monday Night Football with an astounding win against last years division winner the San Diego Chargers. Following this win, they went on to stay on top of the division the rest of the year, and doing the impossible by winning the division. Did the "best" team win out in the division? No real way to tell. The Chargers certainly could have played better and once again taken the championship, but they did not do this. The Oakland Faders (Raiders) played better this year, yet as they usually do in the thick of things lost important games to come out on the bottom of the heap. And the Denver Donkies (Broncos) played their way out of the division real early, and basically were never a real contender. However it can be pointed out that they not only beat the Chiefs,but beat them down to a quivering mass of hopelessness in at least one game. None of this really matters, the Chiefs ARE the AFC West Champions this year! Yeah it might also be said the Chiefs had a powder puff schedule going against washouts, never beens, losers, underachievers or teams that beat themselves. Yet this does not matter; the Chiefs ARE the AFC Champions this year! We the fan base of the Chiefs can only revel in the warmth of the entire season and look forward to next year.  I myself, nor anyone else can actually say what will happen  next season. Their schedule will be more difficult due to their playing into the play-offs, but who knows maybe they will get that much better. Can Todd Haley and company sans Charlie Weiss (Leaving for  the Floridas) recreate this years "magic" and take on all comers victoriously? Again it is hard to say, but again it does not matter, the Chiefs ARE the  AFC West Champions this year! The fan base at least can feel at this time that there is some light at the end of this multi year losing atmosphere, and that they may just be watching the beginning of a dynasty of winning? It really does not matter cause; The Chiefs ARE the AFC West Champions this year!

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Are these Kanas City Chiefs For Real or for the Birds??

As the new week proceeds drawing the Kansas City Chiefs closer to their first playoff game in many years, the question remains ; Can they actually win a playoff game for the first time in many many years? How do they compare to the Baltimore Ravens? I must first point out the obvious, if they had come to play last weekend, and beaten the Oakland Faders (OOps! the Raiders) they would be in a better position this weekend because they could flex their muscles against a weaker New York Jets team instead. Unfortunately they cannot make things easy for themselves, they came out playing like an undisciplined junior high school football team and had their heads handed to them. They were physically beaten on the front line, their defense failing to stop the Raiders many times and their offense turned the ball over like they enjoyed giving it away. Will this team be the one that shows up Sunday? If so be ready for a long painful watch party as the Chiefs continue their long playoff winless streak and are bounced out of the playoff picture after one try. If the Chiefs can instead show up ready for a fight, it can be a very interesting game for the fans. They are playing at Arrowhead Stadium, which gives them at least a little advantage. Keep in mind however, the Ravens are very good on defense, and the Chiefs can be at times shaky or non existent on offense. This game will be a Chief's win only if they go back to playing their own game, ball control, great run game, no or minimal mistakes, time management, and good defense. The Ravens are a good team, who have beaten more teams that are good this year than the Chiefs. Their record is better than the Chiefs, and their schedule this year was harder than the Chiefs, and they will be a very difficult club to beat.

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Thoughts of no particular importance or impotence

My girlfriend is like a zombie, shes cold, dead, and puts the bite on me whenever she can!

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Kansas City Chiefs Kings of the Hill for NOW!

Will the Kansas City Chiefs step up and control their own destiny? Or will they slump and fail in the end to win the Division Championship outright? Good questions but no real good answers. The answers will depend on which team shows up over the next two weekends, the Chiefs that have easily handled several teams this year and looked like powerhouses, or the team that got their tails whipped in both Denver AND San Diego. The Kanas City Chiefs have a potential Defense that has shown to be almost titantic at times, stopping virtually anything the offenses have thrown at them. Then suddenly out of the blue the defense at times looks like a kid on a tricycle could pedal his way through them. The defense in certain games has made average runners look like superstars, and below average running backs look really good. Romeo Crennel is an innovative coordinator most of the time, but some of the problems with the defense has to fall on his shoulders. On the other hand the defense sometimes just tackles poorly, gets caught in the wrong defensive scheme, or simply gets beat by the offensive receivers. The next two weeks will tell us just how far the Kansas City Chiefs have come in their surprising rebuilding mode this year. No one including this writer gave a chance that the Chiefs would be contending for a playoff spot this year, let alone be leading the division this year. Yeah we can point out that their schedule was heavily slanted to poorer talented teams, easier than many other teams schedules. It can also be said that the other teams in our division have played below their own talents and have lost many games that they originally has perceived to be a “win”. This said, the bottom line is that the Kansas City Chiefs have played much better than any of the other teams and now stand at the brink of not only playing into the playoffs, but winning the division. The San Diego Chargers have almost played their way out of the division race, but are still hanging in there. If the Chiefs win the last two games, they can wave bye-bye to them. If they lose one of the last two, and San Diego wins both of their last two, the Chiefs lose the Division title to Chargers because of tie breakers. If the Chiefs AND the Chargers both lose both of their last two games, and then you have the possibility for the Oakland Faders (ooopps I meant the Raiders) become a major factor. This division is by no ways sewn up, however if the Raiders lose one of their last two games, they cannot catch the Chiefs or the Chargers, they presently sit two games back with two games to go and have no margin for error. The end result is that the Kansas City Chiefs must find their defense, create a point producing juggernaut, and cannot snooze their way into the playoffs, they must take care of business and spank both Tennessee and the Raiders, and the fans can then can sit back and smile out loud Then of course we begin worrying about the playoffs…….but we get way ahead of ourselves.

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Kansas City Chiefs a Champion or a Chump??

The Kansas City Chiefs have proven once again they are an extremely fragile team with few strengths, and many glaring weaknesses. I have just witnessed the total whipping given to them by the San Diego Chargers. They were beat in almost every facet of the game. Starting with a backup quarterback who is just barely talented enough to be on a mediocre team. Without Matt Cassel, this team cannot go anywhere. Poor throws, lack of timing, even poor decisions plagued the Chiefs all afternoon. Despite the Oakland Raiders losing earlier, the Chiefs could not capitalize on this and in turn drop both the Chargers and the Raiders back three games with only 3 games left. Now instead the Chiefs must go on the road again next week without the services of their main quarterback (a very good possibility). There were at least 2 positives to come out of the game, grodie Brodie protected the ball very well, and they did get several turnovers against the Chargers. Negatively, the Chargers had their own way with the defensive line most of the day, and shut down the offensive line handily. They prevented the Chiefs from getting first downs most of the day, consistently stopped any kind of offense, and ran almost at will against the defense. If the Chiefs cannot right this sinking ship next week in St. Louis, it could come down to a showdown with Oakland the last game of the season, and Oakland although they lost today are not looking all that bad. While the Chiefs might not be keeping you happy these days we do offer other NFL football related items from a number of different teams. Please visit our store to find NFL memorabilia and to browse our other great items.

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