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Cooking for no profit but a lot of fun!

I love to cook almost anything. My best creative dishes are ones in which I have no recipe, but rather build up to a final product. Generally in our household, I do the bulk of the cooking since my lovely woman works a full time job, and I work here at the house. Since I have always been creative, I choose to do so now in the kitchen. I find it extremely relaxing to root through the refrigerator and create some mouth watering downright taste exploding dish. I do tend to lean towards a bit spicier concoctions IE:red pepper,black pepper, garlic, seasoning salts, cinnamon, and many other. However my wife cannot take too much spice so I do tone it way down. This madness started years ago when my wife worked at the Kansas City Board of Trade in the General Mills Grain Division. Her two bosses at the time were heavily involved in the KC Board of Trade barbecue team which once a year competed in the big Barbecue here in KC around the same time as the KC Royal event. She was invited to the KC Barbecue one year where we went, and partied in the Board of Trade tent. All you could care to eat and drink for one minor price. I was totally hooked on their entries to the contest. I began asking questions, how do they smoked the meats, spice them, how long to cook, in short everything I could think of to learn how to make these wonderful delicacies. I learned how they made their own rubs, and began experimenting with various ingredients. I added some and subtracting some, varying the amounts of each, and after several years I found the combinations that most people who tried them agreed was the best they ever tasted. Over the next few years, I experimented with various techniques for smoking the meats, the types of woods I used, and the speed in which I cooked them. I can finally now say I think the final product is at its peak in flavor, though knowing me I will probably continue to tweak and expirement. I got into cooking many other dishes simply as a way to help out my wife last year because her job had morphed into several other things, and she was working a huge amount of overtime hours to keep pace. I at first took some of her basic recipes and began tweaking and shucking until I found something I liked. Then are started rummaging in the fridge each day, began with some sort of basic meat and sat down creating. Boy did I create! I like using garlic a lot, but not too overpowering. Another favorite is the use of peppers or onions. One of the basic tenets I subscribe to is never over use any spice. A spice or flavoring should be a complement to the meats and vegetables, not an overpowering force. It reminds me of the time when I was still a kid, and my older sister (name omitted to protect her feelings) tried to make a mint cake. She followed the directions until she got to adding the mint flavoring. It read to add 2 tsp of mint, and she thought tsp and tblspn was the same thing. Needless to say the cake did not come out exactly correct. But I stray. I have learned to add gradually the ingredients and keep tasting so as not over do it. Some dishes require a bit more, some a bit less. I also blend unusual things into the dishes if I think the new spice will add a dimension to the flavor of the dish that again complements, not takes over. I also enjoy chopping and cutting, as long as the knife is sharp. I find the whole cooking process enjoyable, and I look forward to creating something new or a variation upon an old recipe almost every day.

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The Zombiefication of the world thru media?

Anyone ever think or even notice that in all the Zombie movies up to now, the Zombies are generally dead bodies that have reanimated into moving killing machines? Now on a scientific level, exactly how does that work? The Human Body is a complex formula of chemical reactions that turn into movement of organs, muscles and actions. Yet if the body is actually dead, then how can a Zombie move? Not only do they move but they sometimes move swiftly, and with at least a rudimentary intelligence. Not all Zombies of course react the same way and in some movies actually are simply beings who have been taken over mentally. For arguments sake we will only refer to the "dead" bodies reanimated. If a muscle does not get a chemical electrical action that animates it, then how does dead tissue create movement. Furthermore as the body lays in death,  rigor mortis sets in and the muscles become stiff and unmoving. Now exactly how is this overcome, and why does the Zombie begin moving? The eventuality of Zombism.... Now in some movies there are variations, such as time passes the Zombies slowly rot away, and eventually are destroyed through natural body tissue breakdown. Other variations, the Zombie continues on until the brain stem is destroyed. Why is this? If the brain is not being used except in only the most basic of functions why is it so important to the general well being of the entire body? How can a Zombie see? When the body dies, the eyes are one of the first organs to die off, with sight going black. This is caused by the lack of blood flow to the eye, which ceases the chemical and electrical impulses to operate the eyes. How do these Zombies magically begin seeing again once the body reanimates? Zombie classification from A to Z Why do Zombies always want to kill living people, and how do they distinguish between a live and dead body? It is suggested in at least one show recently  a series the Walking Dead it is suggested that the creatures have a different odor thus alerting them not to chew on each other, but then once again the whole chemical reactions creating the sense of smell comes into play. On that note, if a Zombie attacks and kills a living person, the minute that person becomes undead does the Zombie suddenly stop chomping on their new recruit and leave to pursue more fresh meat? Do the Zombies taste a difference between different races or religions? Of course maybe they can't taste at all, just think if a Zombie attacks an unwashed Hippie type would he spit out the chunks? Would they perhaps prefer young virgins? How but Indian flesh today? Thai flesh or saucy South American Latinos? Zombie etiquette? What if the Zombie is toothless? Does he gum his flesh? or does he simply nibble away? What about Alzheimer patients? If a Zombie eats the brains from one, will it become disoriented and forgetful? Finally is there any discrimination among the undead?  Will they stop at eating babies? How bout priests or other holy personnel? Or will the chomping of politicians sicken them with disgust? Is there a private hell for Zombied persons or person? No Zombies living or dead were harmed in the publication of this article. We love them all!

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