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Thoughts of no particular importance or impotence!

A few weeks ago, my son got a refund check from AT&T. This of course is not a big deal, however the check was for .02 CENTS! To issue this check they must have spent 1 to 2 dollars for the labor, paper,ink, and postage. And these mensa monkeys wonder why their profits are not any higher? Whjch makes me remember the following true tale of AT & T HELL! I had a similar experience a number of years ago but in reverse. I ended my relationship (otherwise known as the royal screw) with AT & T . About six months went by and suddenly I started getting bills from them for what they claimed I still owed them. The amount? It was the grand sum of total importance to them of .10 CENTS! I had paid them in full when I closed theĀ  account according to some mensa monkey pencil pushing bill, yet now six months later they wanted an additional .10 CENTS! I refused to pay this amount, based on several theories. One was simply they said I had a balance due at the end of our stormy royal screw, and I paid that balance, thus ending all debts to them. Unfortunately according to their pencil pushing mensa monkeys they were able to scrape up an additional national debt I owed of .10 CENTS! Over the next year and a half, I continued to get dunning notices at regular monthly intervals . BUT as the months passed the bill grew to .15 CENTS! Finally I called (on a competitors phone which was giving quite good service) and spent an hour in AT & T HELL trying to resolve this burdening debt. I was told at that time by their own MENSA MONKEY that the charge would be cleared and I would not get any more billings. Satisfied, I forgot about the bill until about 45 days later, I get a call from a COLLECTION AGENCY trying to collect the now huge bill of .15 CENTS!! Now I do not know about you, but as far as I am aware, collection agencies do not hire the sharpest tack in the box, but this particular agent was fairly pleasant and assured me that the matter would be handled. SURE enough I started getting aporoximately one call a month from various collector agencies pleading with me to pay the bill so they would make a huge profit from my .15 CENTS!! At first I politely explained the situation, and they all agreed I was correct. This degraded into less polite refusals from me to pay what I felt was an illegal shakedown by the AT & T mensa monkeys and their hit squads of collector goons. Months go by and I finally started getting what seemed to be talking to collection agents who had obtained a brain from the wizard of OZ! The next couple of agents informed me that they would indeed have the debt wiped from my record and settle this ridiculous foray into my privacy. GREAT, finally some sense to this madness.......at least for about 3 months, and then another call, but now my debt had ballooned to .17 CENTS! This meant the collection agency was now making even more money from this transaction if and when they actually collected it from me. This happened several times more, and then finally I stopped getting the phone calls and the billings. Wow, peace at last, and AT & T only spent about a BAZILLION dollars trying to collect what eventually went to .17 CENTS!! The kicker to all this was several months passed and then I started getting sweetheart letters from AT & T and their mensa monkeys telling me what a great company they were, and would I like to sign up for their phone service? I truly believe that I would rather stick my feet in glowing hot coals while hammering nails into my testicles, and being forced to watch in person Roseanne Barr and Rosie O'Donnell rubbing oil into each others naked bodies before I will ever again subject to the Mensa Monkeys at AT & T! Oh Lord someone please hand me the Comet Cleanser so I can scrub out thatĀ  horrible picture from my already severely damaged brain!!

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