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Monthly Archives: November 2010

How to clean and dress up a vintage or antique tin lithographed toy.

You have found that unique toy in your grandma's attic, or at a flea market or even garage sale. The toy appeals to you because you had one as a child, you fondly remember the toy from your childhood, you like the looks of the toy, or you want to use it as an investment. Now how do you clean this toy up safely to preserve its beauty for all to see. First thing you must decide is how much cleaning you want to do, or you feel the toy needs. If buying it for yourself, it will only matter what you personally like. However if you are buying as an investment, it would be better to do some research and find out what a collector looks for in your type of toy. Some collector's prefer the toy to have all its own original patina (which is the aging dirt, grime or discoloration). Other collectors simply want to do any cleanup themselves. Either way a rule of thumb is leave the toy alone if it is for resale value, you may hurt the value more if you try to clean it up. If the toy is going to go for your own pleasure then decide how much you want it to shine or clean up. Sometimes it is better to just wipe down the toy with a soft cloth or soft cloth and mild soap. ALWAYS use a Q-Tip with whatever soap you are using and clean the toy as a test in a spot where it cannot be seen very readily. Older tin toys can be very fickle, and can easily be damaged while cleaning. Case in point, many years ago when I first started collecting and selling, I bought some small tin Japan cigar racer toys. In my eagerness, I decided to clean them up to make the colors come out better. Using only a damp towel, I began rubbing on the front of one of the cars and lo and behold presto, the entire front lithographed color wiped off on my towel. Now I had a neat looking but colorless front on a cigar racer worth about only one  quarter the original resale value. I never again cleaned a toy in an obvious place. I first test the toy so I know that I will not hurt the finish. I generally only clean toys with water, or sometimes I may use some W-D 40 on a Q-tip but once again I test FIRST! Along the same line of thought, most of the time a toy may appear to be dirty, dull, or simply dark, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Many of the pre 1960s toys were not lithographed in bright colors, the color will appear to be duller, or darker than present day toys. This is due simply to the lack of knowledge at the time on how to make a brighter color. Sometimes the duller color mixed better with the paint used to color and bind to the tin plated metal surfaces. I always suggest to new collectors, and dealers to leave the cleaning to professionals. It is easier to damage a toy trying to help it, than just leaving it alone.  If you want it cleaned go to someone who knows how and ask questions. Most collectors love to expouse their own work habits and materials they use to clean their products. One other note, do not be fooled into buying over the counter cleaners even if they say they are safe for lithographed toys. If you do not know what you are doing either leave it alone, or ask for help.

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Collecting Helmets

Medieval helmets are extremely popular collectibles as well as display items for the house. These types of helmets make great displays. They have fancy plumes, intricate details, and highly polished metals. They come in many different shapes, designs, and colors to choose from. Replica helmets make for quick and easy displays since they are relatively small and have a multitude of display options. You can display these items on shelves, in display cases, on table tops, and even on specially made helmet stands. Helmet stands tend to give you the best display you can get for a helmet. You'll find that a Spartan helmet really stands out on a nice helmet stand. In this article you'll learn why a helmet stand is your best display option for your helmet. You'll even learn a fantastic place to visit to buy your new helmet stands and helmets. Firstly, I should tell you that helmet stands are not for everybody. If you are trying to secure an expensive helmet, you are better off putting it in a lockable display case. However, all others should consider a helmet stand for their display. Many people decide to buy or make shelves because they can hold a lot of helmets and do not cost much. Unfortunately, these shelves do not display the entire helmet. The back of the helmet cannot be viewed when it is up against a wall. Also if you place many helmets on a shelf, you won't be able to see the sides of the helmet either. Do you really want to buy an entire helmet and only display part of it? Table tops can be good venues for displaying helmets because of the 360 degree view. Sadly, they do not provide a grand display for your helmet. Placing the helmet on the table top will make it look like table clutter rather than a nice display. Using a helmet stand is the best way to display a helmet. They can easily be purchased from www.armorvenue.com . You'll have a proudly raised helmet as well as a nice 360 degree view of your helmet. You can place these stand on any flat surface. Table tops and even floors can hold your new helmet and helmet stand. You'll also be able to place things under them because the bottom of the stand doesn't take up much room.

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How To Collect, Thoughts and Theories

People are always asking what the “hot” collectible item is at the moment. This question's answer can shift almost daily. Collecting is in itself up to each person’s own taste. Over the years many items have become hot for a few weeks, few months, even a few years. Sometimes things become popular due to their age. I subscribe to the "Mountains and Valleys" theory of collecting. I apply this theory generally to the toy collecting field but it could also be applied to other collecting fields. This theory is simply based on common sense. When an item is first sold, it is at the high point of the value of the item. After it is sold, it plummets in value either from removal from it’s original packaging (which is a whole other topic for later discussion), or simply because it becomes used, played with, or displayed. As the years go by, the value continues in a downward spiral, the speed of the fall based on several factors, including how much wear or abuse the item gets, lack of popularity, and if the original packaging is still available. Eventually the value of an item bottoms out and the price stays about the same. Depending on how popular the item was at the time of initial sale, or what event, person, or place it is based on, will determine once again how fast the value may begin to climb. Back in the mid 1980’s. the Star Wars Craze had subsided, and Star Wars toys and items could be picked up generally for very little investment. Many toys still were on the store shelves at huge discounted prices. Wholesalers were shunning any new items offered and the overstocks and unsold products were being dumped on the closeout markets.  Savvy investors began acquiring these caches and putting them away. A few short years later, new Star Wars related cartoons and  movies were put in the front of the public, and the popularity of the shows began a new fuel for the collector’s fires. These old stock items began rising in price, especially mint in packages and the items that were difficult to locate back when they were first introduced. Boxed Star Wars dolls, such as Bobba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia began escalating at a breathtaking pace. Dolls that had sold just a few years before at closeout prices suddenly were bringing one hundred, two hundred, or more depending on the character and the condition of the packaging. As the craze continued, the boxed items began petering out and collectors began paying huge sums fot the loose out of package dolls, toys, and items. Demand was high and the supply was somewhat  limited.  Dealers were scouring  garage and yard sales, estates, auctions, flea markets and shows to pick up that one item to sell for a big profit. Then the fire began to cool and the prices started to level off again. Economic news dampened the  collector’s ardor, and then reality set in, people had no money to buy those cute toys anymore. Thus we have a mountain (higher price), a valley (lower price), a mountain (higher price), and finally a valley once again.  These highs and lows are regulated according to many different factors as I have pointed out, and there are many other things that can shake the markets up. I have always subscribed to the mantra: buy things I like, I want, and I keep, and the price becomes secondary to  entire equation.  The previous  thoughts can be applied to almost any kind of collectible. The hot item of today could very well be the dog of tomorrow. Stop worrying about what is “hot” and concentrate more on what you personally like, and you will not go wrong.

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Beginner Tips for Ebay Success

Most internet marketers get their start by selling things on E-bay. What was once basically the internet's biggest garage sale has now become the jumping off point for many an internet marketing career. So many people want a way out of jobs they hate, and if you’re considering getting into internet marketing… then selling on Ebay is a great way to start plus you’ll find out if selling is something you like. But, you need to understand that success on Ebay is a little more involved than just listing some old stuff from the attic and hoping for the best. Here are some hints that you can use to increase your E-bay success.Is Hard Cash Hijack better than From 0 To Profits course? When you list items for sale, be careful about the way they are written up. A listing that is not written well can ruin your chances right up front. Spelling errors will deter many people from even considering your item. Nor do you want grammatical errors, which will also have a damaging effect on your chances of making a sale. Grammar and spelling are important, but you should also make sure that your items are written in a clear and fun style. If you want people to bid on your items, or click on “Buy It Now,” they have to capture their interest and attention with your listings. These listings are very important, so if you don’t feel confident in writing them yourself, you may want to hire someone who is good at this kind of task. Be double-dog sure to do your research before listing your product. Research to find if anyone is selling a product that’s identical to yours, or closely similar. Check out the listings, and take into account how much the seller is asking for his product at both the "Buy Now" price and a starting bid on an auction. Bookmark or save the listings with higher bids and/or views. Then study the listings and determine what you can learn from them for your own listing. You can cleverly incorporate ideas and strategies into your own listing to improve your performance. This is basic market research strategy. What you’re doing is building a better mousetrap for your own business. Always send out orders promptly. In fact, if you can do it, send out your products as soon as the sale goes through. This can become a little complicated if you have many items listed, as you may find yourself having to go to the post office constantly. Sending products out promptly, within 24 hours of the sale, is a good policy to adhere to, though. Sending items out fast is one of the best ways to receive positive feedback on your Ebay profile, even if it means more trips to the post office. Earning money online doesn’t necessarily have to be hard. Quite a few successful online marketers got their start from Ebay selling. Nothing really beats it as a place to experiment and see if this business is right for you. If you like what you are doing with online auctions, and are having some success with them, it is possible that you could develop a full time internet marketing career!Hard Cash Hijack is a great course to learn affiliate marketing? Learn more about it now.

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Finding places to buy for your collections!

There are a large number of ways to find that special collectible item. One of the best ways is to peruse your local papers for auctions, yard sales, garage sales, and shows. When deciding to go to sales, remember that the early bird truly gets the worm. If possible find out when the sale starts, and be there when they open it up. Most of the best items are sold within the first hour of a yard or garage sale. Getting to auctions early is also beneficial. You will be able to park closer to the sale, and thus save yourself some steps when bringing items you get back to your vehicles. Another benefit for early arrival to an auction is that you have plenty of time to look over all of the items selling , noting any damage, missing parts, or incorrectly labeled items. You can then decide how much the item is worth to you and establish what you want to bid up to for an item. It is best to write down the items you want, how much you are willing to pay, and then when it comes time to bid stick with your maximum bid. Do not get carried away and bid once more because you think the other bidders are done. This is one of the biggest mistakes at auctions, is regretting yourself because you over bid. Sometimes auctions will include family members who will bid up an item either to get a better end price, or simply because it holds a dear memory that is more important than the cost of the item. At garage and yard sales look over all your purchases before you buy! Generally these kind of sales, every item is sold as is, no refunds of any kind. Sometimes you will find a seller who is less than completely honest, and will hide a crack or chip under a price tag, or place damaged items in darkened areas of the sale to make it harder to see the flaws. Again buyer beware! Most people are generally honest and if they think of it, will point out flaws to the buyer, but some either forget, do not know, or simply want it sold. I will be posting other tips on buying things in the near future, Happy Hunting!

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Cash paid for all types of collectible toys, advertising and character items

We are always looking for the rare, unusual and just really fun stuff. Why don't you dig out your basements, garages, parents homes, or any place and put cash in your pocket right NOW! Call us, email us with what you have and what you need. We also will consider trades on any of our items, let us know, we are here to help you.

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We are now open! Spend some time and look over our vast number of items!

We have now officially launched one of the most amazing websites you will find! We provide items that belong to your childhood, or you collect, or that unusual present for the special person in your life. We specialize in the odd, offbeat, rare, and fun items. Much of our inventories are still not listed so if you are looking for that special hard to find item or type of item let us know! We also love to trade, so contact us with what you want to move out and replace.

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