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Craziness runs in my family.

My two dogs are completely and utterly crazy. I have made this statement before, but today they are especially weird. The two dogs when I came into the living room, were both on their backs in a single line with their heads touching and snapping at each other. Sammy is the black mostly labrador, with a heavy splash of boxer, and Jenson (I call him Jimmy) is a an all white body dog with light brown spots. He resembles very closely the old Nipper dog from the RCA advertisements. Now these two mutleys are locked in mortal combat, nose to nose, or at least it looked like mortal combat, when suddenly Sammy lets out this huge sneeze that startles all 3 of us. Jimmy flips backwards, crashing into a lamp table and yes it comes tumbling down. Sammy being the big coward he is sprints the other direction and crashes into the wall. He falls down into a heap, and I am laughing so hard I slip off the couch with a large thud, jarring my glasses off. Jimmy meanwhile recovers from his debacle and comes padding over to me. I am still laughing with tears coming out my eyes, when Sammy gets up and pads over to me. Both dogs one on each side promptly plop down on their hind ends, and cock their collective heads at me. I swear they both looked like they were asking me what the hell was my problem. As I calm down, they both as if attached at the hip saunter over to me and give me one of the sloppiest kisses you would ever see. My two dogs are totally crazy! Or maybe it's me?

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Memories Of The Past Haunt The Future

Back when I was just 11, my father being an army soldier was transferred to Formosa otherwise known at the time as Taiwan, and now known as the Peoples' Republic of Taiwan. We initially had to find housing off base since none of the housing was available on the base. My parents settled us into a nice house which was surrounded on all sides by a 10 foot solid rock wall. On the top of the wall was embedded large shards of various colored glass which ostensibly was to prevent the locals from climbing over the wall and stealing things. Attached to one corner of the compound was a garage which opened out into the street, and a side door which we would use to access the garage. The yard was not very big, with a single sidewalk that spanned from the front door of the house to the front gate. The gate always was locked except to enter or leave. Inside the yard was an open concrete ditch which ran the entire circumference of the house which was to catch rain water and funnel into the sewers.The pipes down the side of the house were made of ceramic tile as well as the roof tiles. In front of the house was a swingset made of bamboo, which had metal stakes driven into the ground and attached to ropes which helped to stabilize the entire structure. Myself and my siblings constantly played on this set, dreaming up new adventures daily to incorporate the swing into a pirate's ship, spaceship, fort, or just a safe zone for a game of tag. One day while running around playing out some of our fantasies, I ran into one of the metal spikes, and split my lower shin open which gushed what I thought were copious amounts of blood. I was rushed to the base military hospital. I received 9 stitches to sew up the wound, and sent on home. Now this in particular was not a rare event in my life, I was always dinging up my self, usually causing a trip to the hospital and stitches. I have multiple scars from various injuries. The only redeeming factor to this was my brother usually spent a lot of time at the same hospital for various injuries.  It got to the point where the staff not only knew our names, but they kept our charts on hand and expected a visit from the Thurmond brothers at least once or twice a month. Another time while playing tag in our yard, I remember running around the back of the house, and whomever was "it" jumped out at me, I in surprise, spun around, and ran into one of the backside of the house's ceramic downspouts. The result was the pipe shattering into a thousand pieces of which several decided to lodge into the side of my leg, and you guessed it, another trip to the hospital emergency room. Good thing we were military personnel, so the visits and treatments did not cost my parents. It only cost , usually my mother several hours of fretting and frustration. My brother as I said earlier was not exempt from harm either. Once we moved onto the base facilities, our adventures continued, and the trips to the hospital did not recede. We were playing on a stone slide which was part of an adjacent walled playground built for military base personnel. The slide was probably 15 to 20 foot high, and if I remember correctly had a stone stairway up one side, and 3 stone slides one on each other side of the slide. One day while playing some sort of war game, I ran up the stairs to the top of the slide, and smacked into my brother who was attempting to turn around to slide down. He was knocked face first down the slide, rock burning the underneath side of his chin, and yes another trip to the hospital for stitches. Some of the more interesting aspects of the base housing , specifically the playground, was it had several iron swings with I think leather strap seats. It also had a baseball field, and if memory serves me correctly an old army tank situated in the back corner which sat half buried in the dirt and sand. I only vaguely remember playing around the tank, mainly because I was terrified of the interior of the tank. I do not remember any thing much about the tank, other than it was completely stripped out from the inside out. One day we were playing hide and seek, and I got the brilliant idea to hide inside the tank (this was before my fear of it). Bravely I climbed down inside the dark interior, no light inside except the shaft of light streaming in from the opened hatch (no door on hatch). I settled down waiting to see if anyone was going to find me. Within a few minutes I began feeling something crawling on my arms and legs (I was wearing shorts which I did most of the time due to the generally humid conditions in Taiwan).  I thrust my arms out into the shaft of light and to my horror I saw hundreds of tiny red spiders crawling up and down my arms. That was the only time in my life I ever moved at Olympic speed, as I screamed (probably like a girl), I shot out of the top of the tank, and launched myself towards home, running all the way and wildly beating at the spiders  covering me. By the time I reached the house, I think my mother was standing at the door on the outside trying to figure out why I was raising bloody hell. Well after finally calming down, between sobs and shaking, I explained about the spiders. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I had either squashed, beaten, or knocked all of them off, my mother could not find even one left on me. I am not sure to this day if my mother actually believed me, or not, but I do know it was real, and I still cannot stand the sight of any kind of spider I let my wife take care of the honor of removing or killing them around the house. Give me any old zombie, or horrible monster and I will bravely defend the homestead, but show me a spider and I will back away to a suitable distance, lets say 1 or 2 miles.

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Football Failures Are Chief

A day after the huge loss to the Oakland Faders, I am still trying to understand what to think of the Kansas City Chiefs season of dismay! I am not an Oakland Fader fan by any means but my hat goes off to the better team that won. After five quarters of up and down hard battling football fun the Chiefs finally succumbed to the opposition. Sure the Chiefs had chances to win the game several times during regulation play and could not get it done. Can we blame the kicker for the two blocked field goals? Not really, it was not his kicking skills, or lack there of, but rather poor blocking by the front line. Should we blame only the offensive line? the defensive line? Special teams? No, but rather a combination of all aspects of the team that failed to win this game. Had the Chiefs won, the following week, they could have played to win the AFC west division title, and if they beat the Denver Donkeys won it all! But unfortunately this is all a moot point,  because they lost. My feelings are that the Kansas City Chiefs did not deserve to win the division and represent the west in the playoffs. Their play this year has ranged from extremely poor play to way above their talents play. They are using their second head coach this year, and simply were not prepared to play in the NFL during the preseason. Their talents were better utilized by the interim head coach Romeo Crennel, and my kudos go out for his efforts the past two weeks. I hope they continue to show the better side of the team in next weeks last game of the year against the Denver Donkeys and beat the living daylights out of them! I am quite aware that if they beat Denver, it will hurt their draft position a bit this next season, but quite honestly, I simply do not like the pompous Donkeys and their partial owner John (horseface) Elway. I want them to suffer, and go slinking home with their donkey tails tucked between their legs. This said, the season is basically over for the Chiefs, now is the time to assess the individual talents, especially the rookies, and prepare for next season , where hopefully their injuries will be a great deal less common and severe, and their wins more plentiful!

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Let life be and simply enjoy it.

I really have problem with people who try to impose their own morals or ideas upon everyone around them. I have always felt that the supreme being did not put me on this earth to pass judgements on my fellow humans. Case in point are the self professed "good" people who piously condemn anyone who does not or cannot conform to their own ideas of perfection. These are those high brow nose in the air types who cannot see past their own noses when it comes to anyone different from them. More to the point are the Bible toting thugs who cannot see it fit to accept the gay life style. Now personally I will admit that I do not understand the gay lifestyle situation, but if that is what they feel then let them be. It is not my business what a gay man or woman does with their own lives, as long they are not hurting me or my loved ones or anyone else. They simply want to enjoy life the best way they can, and fit into the world around them. I was first introduced to the gay life style when I was in my early twenties. I met a young man who went by the moniker "Pumpkin". I did not understand at the time that he was gay, just a bit odder than most of the people around me. Mostly what I saw that was different, was he wore glitter on his face in small bits.  I never really got to know him, not because of his "difference" but simply because we did not run with the same group of friends, and at that time of my life I found it very hard to get to know very many other people. I was somewhat shy so I really had to be around someone a long time before I could take them into my confidence. The years passed, and I ran into a fair amount of homophobes who constantly put down anyone who was not straight. I confess I too laughed at gay jokes, and probably just to be with the crowd I was with. But I began to notice the gays (at least the ones I knew to be gay) were some of the nicest gentlest people I had ever met. At this time I was somewhat of a night owl, staying up most nights until 3 or 4 am, and I began calling into a radio station to chat with the on duty announcer. We became fair friends, sharing ideas and bantering about just about anything under the sun. Over time he opened up to me more and more, and I soon realized that he was into the gay lifestyle. My reality came into focus one night when he began talking about a gay church group he was a member of, and waited to see how I would react. It simply did not bother me at all. He knew I was straight, but also found that I accepted him on his terms, not mine. More years passed, I found my true love, my angel, my wife and settled down as a married man. I worked as a restaurant manager in several chains, and had a fair amount of gay people working with me. I never found any reason to treat them any different from the straight people. Frankly I did not really even think along those terms, people were simply people good or bad, not gay or straight. I began making trips around the United States going from one toy show to another, and the second trip I made to the Kane County Toy Show in Chicago's suburb, I joined many other toy dealers in what was called "room trading". Basically we would arrive at the location of the toy show several days early in one particular hotel, and for several days before the show we would all open our room doors displaying our toys and buy and sell them to each other, and any customer who might show up. At this particular show, I was selling with another dealer in our room one afternoon, and this gentleman came into our room and struck up a conversation with me. His name was Stephen (name changed to avoid problems), and I really was enjoying rapping with him about toys, dolls, and whatever. Just as he began to leave he turned back to me, wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug. I had picked up the vibe from him that he was gay, but was completely taken by surprise. I stood there probably with the stupidest surprised look imaginable not knowing what to do. Stephen stepped back, seeing my expression said with a broad grin " Don't worry Jon I know you are straight, I just like you." Then left the room and that was it. I thought about it for a short while, then decided it was not a big deal. The next time I was in Chicago, I brought my best bud Jack (name also changed) along for his first trip to ChicagoToy Show and we roomed together and set up our displays for sale. In walks Stephen and his significant other Michael. Stephen walks up to me and gives me a big hug exclaiming" Jon my old friend, I haven't seen you for months!" Then after some chatting he and Michael exit our room. My friend Jack sitting across from me in the room is very quiet and obviously pondering an important issue. Finally he looks at me and halting asks me " Uh , Jon I didn't realize you swung that way!?" It took me several seconds to realize what he was talking about, and laughing out loud, I simply explained that Stephen was Stephen and that was the way he was. Jack and I went back to the Chicago show many times and it never again bothered him that Stephen hugged me, in fact eventually he was also getting hugs, and it never bothered him either. These nostalgic stories brings me back to my earlier statements. We here in Kansas City are real near that total fruitcake clan of morons living around the Topeka area, who rail against absolutely everybody and everything, spewig their venomous hate filled rants regarding gays, and every other subject they can to get their day in the sun. Personally I could care less what they think, but it does bother me greatly that they have attempted with some success trying to disrupt the funerals  of our fallen military men. I also have umbrage against them regarding their hateful statements regarding recent tragedies around the US and the world calling them punishments from God and that they are glad that innocent people have been killed through tornadoes , earthquakes and floods. It is sad that these type of people walk the earth trying to spread a particular type of hatred, insidious and horrible in itself. However I must point out I am not here on Earth to judge them, hopefully that judgement will come in the end, and all will be rectified. One other time, I ran into an old acquaintance from junior high school whom had gone into ministry as a life choice. In talking with him, he asked if I remembered an another mutual friend Darrel. I said yes I did remember him, and he began admonishing Darrel because he had found out Darrel was gay. I honestly never actually thought about it until then, but it really did not matter one bit to me he was still a good human being. I was somewhat taken aback however that this self professed man of god did not have more compassion towards his fellow man simply because of his choices in lifestyle. I can say now that I hope he could and did change his attitude a great deal when he might be administering to his own flock. My own daughter has declared openly she is gay, and quite honestly she never tried to hide it or deny that she was gay. This is not earth shaking nor is my world going to fall into tiny pieces because of her lifestyle. I do not agree with her belief, but I will stand by her and defend her right to be whomever or whatever she wants to be. Hopefully she fully understands this, and that I will not shut her out, nor will I shut out anyone she becomes involved with. Like most other fathers, I would have been happier if she had married in the conventional way and had a family, but she feels that she will be happier with non traditional values. So be it, I just wish her the best in life and in happiness. In closing let me simply say, let them rant, believe what you want and in whom you want, just do it on your own time, and get the HELL out of my face! Please go bother someone out there that gives a hoot about your form of insanity, I am not interested.  

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Yes Virginia there are miracles IE: KC Chiefs beat Packers!!

Just sitting here, basking in the glow of a rare Kansas City Chief's victory. I must profess that I like 99.9% of the football world did not think the Chiefs could, would, or even might pull a win over the up to then unbeaten Green Bay Packers. After watching the entire game, and like most, not believing my own eyes, I had to relive the game several times thru various sports shows and newscasts. Once I recovered, I began to assess what had happened and how it did so. First of all, the week began with the joyous news that Todd the Horrible Haley was finally axed for his incompetence. Yes the Chiefs did incur horrendous injury losses with the 3 major contributors being lost for the entire season all curiously from knee injuries. Yes this hurt the Chiefs chances to match up to stronger teams, but to start the season getting stomped into the mud by 3 different teams, was just plain ugly. Most teams even bad teams do not get totally dominated and look so just plain inept game after game. Another sign of the bad times ahead was the lazy manner in which Haley handled the team during the shortened preseason. ALL of the other teams had the same short preseason, but the majority of them did not come out of the gates backwards like the KC Chiefs.  They came into games unmotivated, unprepared, and basically flat as a pancake, and were steamrolled over by the opposing teams. In the first 3 games they acted like they could not compete at the high school level , and much more the professional level. They played downright UGLY, and had no one to blame but their head coach's very poor decisions not only before the season but during games. In at least 2 of the first 3 games his poor judgement cost yards, and he badly mismanaged the game clock. Not just UGLY but UBER UGLY!! Then came a stretch of games where the Chiefs actually looked competitive, and they won 4 games in a row! Looked like their lethargic start was over and they were back in control. But not so fast, once again  spiraled down losing game after game. Finally Monday of last week, after playing arguably their worst game of the season against the New York Jets, Scott Pioli got off his fat derriere and with Clark Hunts approval fired the brainless wonder child Haley. Immediately they promoted Romeo Crennel to the head coach position, I personally viewed as a fantastic choice, and the team as a whole seemed to breathe a sigh of collective relief.  I even hope that the Chief's head office pulls their heads out of their rears and seriously consider Crennel as the permanent head coach. Once Romeo Crennel had become a bit more accustom to his new position he quickly promotes Kyle Orton to the main quarterback role, and Rick Stanzi (the previous 3rd string) as his backup. I do not have anything against Tyler Palko, but his play in place of the injured Matt Cassel was uninspiring, badly handled, and he made way too many extremely bad game decisions. Old Haley stubbornly stuck  with him, and the Chiefs continued to spiral downward. Once the game started it quickly had a different feel from earlier games. The Chiefs came out to play, and play they did. They took the kickoff right down the field , but had to settle for a field goal. Then the defense took over and manhandled the Packers at virtually every turn. The Chiefs secondary covered the Packer receivers like fur on a dog, and continually harassed pretty boy Rogers, and they did it with mostly with just a four man front. By halftime, the sense of a huge upset had begun permeating  the entire stadium, with the Packers slinking  into their locker room down 6-0. The Packers were still in the game, needing only one touchdown to go ahead in the game. The much needed touchdown came in the third quarter and the Packers finally had their lead for the first time in the game. But unfortunately for the Packers it was short lived as the Chiefs immediately marched down the field and connected on another field goal after being stymied from a touchdown to take a two point lead which the Chiefs never relinquished again in the game. One more field goal made the score 12 -7, and then the Chiefs finally dealt the death blow with a touchdown making the score 19-7.  The Packers came back with a touchdown of their own, but were unable to click again and the Kansas City Chiefs came away with an unbelievable win over the Packers, ending the Packers hopes of an unbeaten season, and making new Chiefs fans throughout the entire area, for at least for another week. Now hopefully the Chiefs can build on this win, and come back next week and beat Oakland, and beat the Denver Donkeys (sorry I meant the Broncos...old habits are hard to break). This might give Romeo Crennel a running chance of being the next true head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. All is good in Mudville right now, and for at least 6 days we here in Kansas City can truly say " Yes there is a Santa Claus!"      

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The real vintage hess trucks.

The gradual development of the fire department during the 19th century was clearly seen in toys designed on the same lines as the trucks and vehicles used by the early volunteer fire fighting companies. Similar to the full-size versions, the first miniatures were rather rough. Fallow's made a toy fire truck pumper of stenciled tinplate that was nothing more than two barrels joined at right angles -- highly basic and rough. Early fire fighting toys by Brown and Ives were equally primitive. However, in the 1880s more refined forged iron fire-fighting trucks and equipment were relased. Ives manufactured a matching set of 5 forged iron fire vehicles -- pumper, hose carriage, hook and ladder truck, fire patrol, and chief's wagon. Other major producers of fire-fighting toys were Carpenter, Hubley, and Pratt & Letchworth. Horse-drawn fire-fighting toys continued to be manufactured well after 1900, although by then most communities had converted to collectible automotive vehicles. The most diversified types of antique toy fire trucks come from a line of cast iron toys vehicles. Thousands of types of manufacturers existed, yet these were the last cast iron playthings to appear on the market. The manufacture of the forged iron fire wagons ultimately ceased in the early 1900s. Also widespread were such highly specialized vehicles as antique fire engines and police cars, trolleys, motorcycles, racing cars, and even collectible sprinkler trucks from the city streets. The pumper was advertised as Fire Engine in a Hubley catalogue of 1922, when full-size pumpers were drawn by motor vehicles instead of horses. Hubley and other toy manufacturers also manufactured toys that combined a classic 19th-century-style fire truck pumper or other piece of fire-fighting tools with a truck body, an amalgam that resembled vehicles actually used by fire fighters of those day. Till date these are considered to be highly prized vinatage collectibles. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the fire patrol wagon transported members of the company and equipment like buckets to the scene of a fire. At other times, when no crisis threatened, it transported fire-fighters on rounds, enforcing fire laws in their district. Few of the More Famous Manufacturers of Collectible Fire Trucks and Toys Dent Hardware Co. -- Henry H. Dent formed the Company in 1895, and made his first cast iron toys in 1898. The firm first made horse-drawn fire wagons (fire trucks to you and me), then followed them up with many versions of other vehicles. During the 1900s, Dent's die-cast toys slowly replaced those of forged iron.. } Hubley Company -- Established by John Hubley in about 1894, the Hubley Company made forged iron toys. Its earliest products were trains and trolleys powered by live steam, electricity, or spring mechanisms, but they later also added horse-drawn fire trucks and wagons in the 1920s. By 1940 Hubley had transformed into the world's biggest maker of cast-iron toys. Hubley gradually changed to die-cast toys made of a zinc alloy owing to increasing freight charges and international competition. Kenton Lock Manufacturing Co. -- Kenton Lock Manufacturing Co. was established in the early 1800's and in 1894 became the Kenton Hardware and began producing cast-iron toys. Horse-drawn vehicles, fire engines, nodding toys, and comic strip characters were some of the best known toys of the company. "Kentontoys" was a trade name that the company sometimes used. At VintageToyTrucks.org, find out all about} vintage tonka trucks, vintage tonka toy trucks, and vintage hess trucks.

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Why Antique Indian Beadwork Are The Most Cherished Native American Collectibles

Why No Collection Of Native American Collectibles Is Complete Without Antique Indian Beadwork Whether it’s for fashion or for a museum display, Native American collectibles only grow in popularity over time. Antique Indian beadwork is among the most collectible of the Native American collectibles. Before Native Americans used beads on their clothing, they painted them. That said, even before the European settlers in America introduced them to beads, Native Americans were beginning to incorporate bead-like items into their garments which were made from bones and dried berries. How Antique Indian Beadwork Came To Be In 1675 or thereabouts, settlers from Europe came to the Americas with brightly colored beads made of glass to trade with the Native Americans. These early beads found in antique Indian beadwork are actually called pony beads since pony pack trains carried them to Native American villages. For the most part, these beads were blue, but others were white and even a brownish red. So, antique Indian beadwork took on a predominantly blue striped look with some reds and whites mixed in. Pony beadwork started to fade in popularity by the middle 1800s, when smaller beads with brighter colors started to be traded between Native Americans and white settlers. Indeed, over time, Native American collectibles, from moccasins to shirts, leggings to headbands, all seem to have some sort of beadwork worked into them. The needle and thread wasn’t introduced to Native American cultures for many years and actually, what they used to apply beads to Native American collectibles was called a sinew. Sinew is dried tendon from large game like an elk or deer. The Varities Of Antique Indian Beadwork There are three main kinds of Indian beadwork found in Native American collectibles. These are: Overlaying Or Spot Stitching This type of antique Indian beadwork is characterized by its curvaceous and flowery patterns. The Lazy Stitch Western Native Americans used this geometric style more commonly than other tribes. Beads Woven With Looms This particular style of beading is most likely traceable to the Ojibway peoples. As time and trade wore on, the practice became more commonplace among many other tribes. Since the tribes often migrated with big game, the loom was made to be ultra portable, which only lent to its popularity. Essentially, the loom was made of four pieces of flat wood and a sinew. Its Popularity Holds Firm Even nowadays, tribes of Native Americans are mimicking antique Indian beadwork styles to create new Native American collectibles to sell. If you are a collector of Native American collectibles, you know full well that it’s imperative to have many pieces of antique Indian beadwork as part of your archive. Visit this website for Antique Indian Beadwork today.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Website

An article submitter is a software instrument that assists internet marketers submit or distribute their promotional materials on-line. You write articles related to your online business, normally based on some related key phrases, and you'll need to spread them as extensively as you possibly can on the web. If you carry out the article marketing job manually, it take countless hours just to make accounts with write-up directories, let allow perform the submission as such. Due to this huge amount of work and also the extraordinary demand for fresh content online, software program designers have come up with write-up submitter programs to make things easier. There are lots of goods marketed under the name of 'article submitter' but couple of of them truly function based on optimal parameters. What I mean by that's that not all applications have the features necessary to simplify the use of internet marketing strategies. This really is the perfect situation. Most programs work only for those article directories exactly where you have accounts. If you have registered with 20 directories, the article submitter can use your login data to connect to accounts and distribute articles automatically. But what if you want to reach out to two or three hundreds of article directories? Completing registration forms nonetheless continues to be your duty! The article submitter cannot help you with that. However, some innovative tools have recently entered the industry, and they're also capable to carry out registration also. Before buying an write-up submitter, I say you verify its features thoroughly. Use a demo version before spending money on the full plan. You will find also plenty of products that you simply can acquire and use for free without any restrictions. Numerous seem to be viable in the circumstances we've mentioned above, and they often mimic the human user. The problem with automatic submission is that you reach a level where your on-line activity might be considered spammy by search engines like google. Consequently, it's important not to cross the line and play by the rules, even if you do not manage to set things running as fast as you'd like. Look at forums or a good marketing course and find out what kind of write-up submitter other individuals use. You may even get an idea about how to maximize the utilization of the application you've picked yourself. Sometimes people depend on half the functions of their software programs, which definitely leaves a great deal of blanks in usage. It is important to make full usage of the application to be able to achieve the desired results. That's how things must go!

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A review~An overview~A look} at the plus points and negatives of a franchise opportunity.

While a Franchise is a low risk means of stepping into and operating business for a franchisee, franchised businesses can and are unsuccessful. Before you respond to a franchise for sale ad you must think about the downsides of a franchise opportunity, including the main disadvantage of going into any business; the chances of losing the capital and/or resources you have invested in that Franchise.   In reviewing with franchise owners who had disputes with their franchisor, or who suffered substantial setbacks and disappointment, many had only investigated the advantages of franchising before they opted for on the opportunity, but they had not contemplated the unique obligations that a franchise contract places upon a franchised owner operator as opposed to an independent organisation. A completely independent owner answers only to themselves, whereas when involved in a Franchise one has responsibility to the franchisor, fellow franchisees and to the business system under which the franchise operates.   Like any business model, the franchise opportunity has both advantages and disadvantages. In choosing whether a franchise is the right way for you to go into business, take into account what the disadvantages of franchising may be, this can lead to a better understanding of the franchising business model generally. It will also lead to better decision-making and as a consequence, a more fulfilling business life as a franchisee.   With planning, the right strategies and foresight, a lot of potential downsides can be kept at bay, and successfully managed. Depending on your perspective, the disadvantages of choosing a franchise opportunity revolve around the obligation to follow the franchisor's structure.   Most franchisors will offer a Franchise for Sale only if one business operates from a specific location or territory permitted and/or specified by the franchisor. In some cases, there are no territories, and a franchise opportunity will be presented that allows a franchise operator in the franchisor's network to conduct business by competing with other franchisees for the same business. This has the potential to limit the Franchise Opportunity, and may limit the franchisee in for instance opening other shops or mobile units, advertising the franchise, or it may result in better franchisees drawing business away from inferior operators in an unrestricted territory model.     Franchise opportunities are often constrained to selling only stock and/or services specified or approved by the %KEYWORD1% and in some cases, may only purchase that stock or service from the franchise itself, and no other third-party. In additionFurthermore, the franchisee may be expected to carry specified amountsquantities of certain stock items, irrespective of turnover.

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Article Marketing Articles

New internet marketing strategies are achieved on a daily basis from the publishing of content-rich content articles around the Web. Search engines look for fresh info permanently; hence, words and articles are the components to create you master of the new trends and bring you real cash around the world wide web. And since content rules, the need for article marketing content articles has exploded greater than ever. Why article marketing? Initial of all simply because it offers very low-cost advertising, and subsequently the market exposure is outstanding thanks to backlinks. The classes and types of informative content material are very numerous; some articles are valid, others are purely fictional. Nonetheless, they manage to inform the audience, keep interest vivid and turn simple website visitors into clients. These very lines that you're reading now will turn this material into one from the article marketing content articles published in article directories for the dissemination of information. The reason for all these is to assist the user or reader acquire the proper abilities to create money with article marketing, even if info becomes a marketing instrument under the circumstances. Go through various article marketing articles to find out how to research the niche. Writing content articles is not simple, particularly whenever you don't have a clue about the domain you target. Therefore, the strongest recommendation goes towards those areas that make you confident, or in which you take pleasure. Preparing plays an important role here, simply because you require to decide around the number of articles you are going to write daily, every week or monthly. When work is finished, there follows submission to blogs and directories. Keywords are the most essential for article marketing. Articles ought to be written around a certain set of keywords that best define the service, product or activity domain particular to a specific business. If you are prosperous in these aspects, it's likely that you will profit well from article marketing. Besides keywords, take notice of the writing style, the punctuation and grammatical correctness and the overall impact of the material that you create. With article marketing, articles are usually submitted to very large directories such as GoArticles or Enzinearticles. You can thus create an author's profile and receive a great publicity on the world wide web. Content for web sites is then created starting from such article directories with multiple applications for business uses. Have a look on what article marketing materials provide in terms of information and you will probably be in a position to determine what plan to take for business marketing.

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how to repair coffee table/end tables that have had water damage?

how to repair espresso desk/end dining tables that have had drinking water damage? A marble coffee table or end table can bring a touch of elegance to any home.  Most of the marble tables seen in high end hotels and homes have marble tops with wooden stands, such as what is seen in Rococo furniture.  As mass manufacturing has gradually increased over the last 50 years, furniture has also tended to lose its quality.  One excellent example of this is Ikea's latest quest to manufacture plastic styro rococo frames, which were at one time made from carved wood.  Many manufactures are abandoning wood and stone altogether, and are leaning toward pressed wood and plastics which is sad to see.  So it is really to find something equivalent to these vintage french marble tables, and due to their elegance lines they still remain very popular.I have a 2 yr old set of coffee and end tables that are cherry. I was out of commission over the final yr and family members and close friends that came to improve set beverages on the coffee platforms/end dining tables. The drinking water has created the tops look prefer they possess split or have large scratches. Is there anyhow to salvage these game tables and generate them look great again?This may sound funny, but try rubbing with Mayonnaise, let set, then wipe clear. If this doesn’t work, there is often sanding and refinishing.The professionals at eHow advise the adhering to solution:Apply a little overall amount of non-gel toothpaste to a wet, clean, lint-free cloth.Rub toothpaste more than the drinking water spot.Take away film with a clear, wet cloth.Dry with a clear, dry fabric.Polish.It appears to be like the finish has fissured and water has received underneath. If this is the situation, it will quickly flake off. If this is the situation, the only cure is to strip and refinish.If you are speaking concerning white water represents (blushes), and the end is nevertheless smart, then it’s salvageable via a variety of home remedies or proprietary products.

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Hot Dog Cart Business Strategy

1st   issues   1st , what is   a business strategy ?A business prepare   is often a   blueprint for the   business. It is the   foundation that retains   your business solid. It prepares you for conundrums which include   what goals   must   I set for myself and for that   business? Are they attainable? Is the   business economically viable? How do I allocate resources? What are the difficulties   and opportunities that I am   bound to encounter?A business approach   is essential   as a way to   streamline your aspirations to your   business, which, in this case, is often a   hot dog cart. By making   one , you'd   manage to   assess the pros   and cons in putting up a business. For instance , why choose   a hot dog cart as your business? Certainly , the answers you come up with are all pros . On the other hand , the cons are also essential   in order   for you to have the ability to   objectively view your foray into the business. What's   your vision for that   business? Saying that you   plan   to expand to 10 more   carts in 1 month may possibly   be acquiring   way ahead of on your own . A properly   drawn up business plan   keeps   you in line by presenting you with projections grounded in details . Do you truly   fully grasp   your industry ? Ask oneself   who your potential   prospects   are. It really should   state the type of   people who   would most likely   be your customers , so that   you'll   be capable of   secure a location   that your target   marketplace   frequents. Is your business long   term, or is it just a stepping stone for yet a different   venture into wholly diverse   business ? Most importantly, just how much   do you consider   would you be earning on a given basis? Bear in mind   that profit is distinctly various   from money . And that the lack of any of the   two would undoubtedly bring the business down. A business plan   helps   address these crucial   concerns. How about, what if the trend modifications ? What if, at your usual spot, a burger joint opens and also you   uncover   your goal   market   taking a turn that way? The perfect   factor   about hot dog carts is, they're   MOBILE. You don't   have lots   of rearranging to do with regards to   just picking up and leaving the formerly lucrative location . You could   assume   of all these without   a business approach   handy, but having one   permits you to   streamline your thoughts.A business prepare   is most beneficial   at the initial stage from the   business. It is the   initially   step to undertake in the   improvement   of a business. It truly is   your guide, your compass. And do not   we all need to have   that, in one particular   way or one more ?

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