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Are these Kanas City Chiefs For Real or for the Birds??

As the new week proceeds drawing the Kansas City Chiefs closer to their first playoff game in many years, the question remains ; Can they actually win a playoff game for the first time in many many years? How do they compare to the Baltimore Ravens? I must first point out the obvious, if they had come to play last weekend, and beaten the Oakland Faders (OOps! the Raiders) they would be in a better position this weekend because they could flex their muscles against a weaker New York Jets team instead. Unfortunately they cannot make things easy for themselves, they came out playing like an undisciplined junior high school football team and had their heads handed to them. They were physically beaten on the front line, their defense failing to stop the Raiders many times and their offense turned the ball over like they enjoyed giving it away. Will this team be the one that shows up Sunday? If so be ready for a long painful watch party as the Chiefs continue their long playoff winless streak and are bounced out of the playoff picture after one try. If the Chiefs can instead show up ready for a fight, it can be a very interesting game for the fans. They are playing at Arrowhead Stadium, which gives them at least a little advantage. Keep in mind however, the Ravens are very good on defense, and the Chiefs can be at times shaky or non existent on offense. This game will be a Chief's win only if they go back to playing their own game, ball control, great run game, no or minimal mistakes, time management, and good defense. The Ravens are a good team, who have beaten more teams that are good this year than the Chiefs. Their record is better than the Chiefs, and their schedule this year was harder than the Chiefs, and they will be a very difficult club to beat.

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