Change can be a constant or a flowing event.

Funny how things change even though they are staying the same. In fact, when I was much younger, many of the situations I found myself in were simple to negotiate and to overcome. Now that I am closing in on my 60s these simple things are becoming more and more difficult.
I use to glide through various tasks daily without thinking about them, and now I have to stop and pointedly ask myself can I now do this. Yes some of this is simply old age rearing its ugly head. Another part of this is I have actually gotten smart enough to realize not to blaze into every thing that happens without thinking about the consequences.
For example, when I was younger I could like most people bound down the stairs, even skipping some to save myself a bit of time. Now I look at most every stair step and make sue my foot is firmly planted as I step down. When I get up in the mornings, many times I must force myself just to get out of bed, but not before I check myself to and make sure everything is still in place and is still working. I also tend to count every pain, making a mental note of any other pains that have popped up today.
I think about every trip away from the house, how far I must walk,and is this really important to go? Although I have some minor health issues, overall I am not in too bad shape considering my age, weight, and general mileage on the old body. It just amazes and amuses me that I look at the entire world through my slow and painful glasses. I am not really complaining, but rather just discussing life in general. I do not complain about my advancing age, simply because at least I am aging, if not the alternative may be a lot worse.
I also find it difficult to get off the ground or the floor anymore. Some of this again is age, weight, and general declining muscle mass.
I also realize that things I use to like to do are no longer fun for me. I do not really care to go to amusement parks, the rides are generally more painful and less exciting than when I was young. Even though I do once in a while pine for some of the things I no longer do, I find myself making new areas of interest to keep my life exciting, or at the least entertaining. I enjoy movies but feel they have gotten way too expensive…why pay $9 and up to see a movie that I may find lousy or boring? I do not need to see any movie first run, I am just as happy to watch it later when it has been around for a while. I do not much care to go to sporting events, why go it is much more relaxing to sit in my living room in front of a large screen tv only a few steps from the bathroom, or the kitchen and my chair is much much more comfortable than a bench seat, or hard plastic chair in a stadium.
Things as they are overall, I am satisfied with how my life is heading, and wish only that everyone else could find peace within their own boundaries, such that I have found.