Craziness runs in my family.

My two dogs are completely and utterly crazy. I have made this statement before, but today they are especially weird.

The two dogs when I came into the living room, were both on their backs in a single line with their heads touching and snapping at each other. Sammy is the black mostly labrador, with a heavy splash of boxer, and Jenson (I call him Jimmy) is a an all white body dog with light brown spots. He resembles very closely the old Nipper dog from the RCA advertisements.

Now these two mutleys are locked in mortal combat, nose to nose, or at least it looked like mortal combat, when suddenly Sammy lets out this huge sneeze that startles all 3 of us. Jimmy flips backwards, crashing into a lamp table and yes it comes tumbling down. Sammy being the big coward he is sprints the other direction and crashes into the wall. He falls down into a heap, and I am laughing so hard I slip off the couch with a large thud, jarring my glasses off.

Jimmy meanwhile recovers from his debacle and comes padding over to me. I am still laughing with tears coming out my eyes, when Sammy gets up and pads over to me. Both dogs one on each side promptly plop down on their hind ends, and cock their collective heads at me.

I swear they both looked like they were asking me what the hell was my problem. As I calm down, they both as if attached at the hip saunter over to me and give me one of the sloppiest kisses you would ever see. My two dogs are totally crazy! Or maybe it’s me?