Medieval Knight Armor Knowledge

The medieval knight was the most powerful soldier of the middle ages. Two reasons make this an undeniable truth. The first one is the fact that he was mounted and could move much faster than foot soldiers. The second reason is because he was wearing a solid set of medieval knight armor. In this article we’ll talk more about medieval knight armor and how it made the medieval knight so powerful. You’ll even learn where to purchase a spectacular looking set of medieval knight armor.


The first thing you must acknowledge is the fact that the legendary knight bore armor that weighed an incredible amount. This would not have been possible if he was not mounted. His strong horse bore the weight of both the knight and his armor, allowing the knight to bear the weight of the heavy armor without becoming too tired. This allowed the knight to wear medieval knight armor that provided much better protection than the average soldier’s armor.


This soldier was highly trained and could easily hit targets with his wide array of weaponry without ever having to slow down or get off his horse. Medieval knights were strength trained as well as combat trained so they could endure long hours in heavy armor. They also trained heavily in equine sports so that they could out ride their enemies.


The armor of this knight was extremely expensive. The reason for this is because they had solidly thick metals throughout them. Also it covered the soldiers entire body which is more expensive due to the increase in metal needed. Ancient knights came mostly from the class of nobility because most could not afford to buy war horses, armors, or medieval knight weapons.


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You’ll find that purchasing a set of medieval armor is a great way to start a conversation. Each time you host an event at your house, people will comment on your medieval armor display. They will want to know where and when you purchased the armor. After they see your armor they might even think to buy some armor for their own homes. Shouldn’t they be able to buy a great set of armor like the one you bought?