Zombification of the world thru Media Part Deux?

My earlier story posting kind of veered off the cliff and never quite finished the original thought. My question posed was how does a Zombie actually move and kill? Or simply put how do they tick? I am a purist in that if I am to subject myself to 1.5 to 3 hours of Zombie love or Hate?) in film form,  I want to know there is some basis of fact  in the action on the screen and the reality of the world.

In most  stories, movies, the Zombies kill only the living. Why is this? I pointed out that one explanation came from the smell of the dead versus the living. I have to reject this, because many folks today are patently afraid of a bar of soap and any kind of water not mixed in a drink. I have actually been exposed to the assault upon my own nasal passages by otherwise intelligent interesting people. If indeed the dead can smell the living then how do they distinguished between those of the unwashed living and those of the dead and rotting flavor?

Being Recruited To Death

When one of the undead is trying to recruit new more bodies into their own army at what point do they begin realizing they are not helping their cause chomping on a fellow in arms? Does the living person or persons when they die immediately begin exhuding an aroma of death? How long does it take this process to start?

It is also sometimes shown in these horror flicks that the Zombies seem to have the knack for attacking beautiful people first ( IE the busty blondes or the sassy red heads). Ugly people need not apply, are they generally smart enough? or luckier than the elite cuties to avoid being caught and served as a snack or one course of a 4 limb meal? I am not an expert on the subject, but I would guess and ugly person would be just as tasty or untasty as the beautiful boobed broad, or the hunky guy on the beach scene commercial.

Okay so maybe Zombies do not have any sense of taste, then why not munch on their neighbor or the babysitter living or dead? Is there some sort of Zombie rule that only the living are in bounds to be eaten? Might there be some sort of Zombie Police to make sure only new recruits be initiated? It sure would add to the overall availability of munchies if they would broaden their horizons.

Undead Puppets or Mindless Plague

Once again I am wandering aimlessly away from my original thought,  how does a Zombie who’s heart is no longer moving the blood along to all parts of the body have any kind of animation.  Maybe Zombies are really puppets being controlled from elsewhere by invisible strings, doing the beck and call of some evil and unknown master puppeteer.  But what is the point?  How can this hidden “boss” profit by having their unwitting subjects gnaw away?

I am beginning to think that there should be a foundation to study the Zombies so we can all know how they work, or in the least, a panel of Zombie experts. Just don’t pick anyone who might be tasty enough to be eaten before they discover the answers. Americans need to know, so you government bigwigs must establish a Zombie organization for the study of and possibly the eradication of the Zombie threat.

It may simply be that Zombies need love to …….maybe they will control their antisocial behavior if they get more hugs. I think we should give them a few PETA members and see what will happens.