Boeing A late Christmas Grinch – Lays a bomb on Wichita!

News is out that Boeing is pulling out of Wichita, Kansas manufacturing plant, dumping approximately 1100 full time workers like yesterday’s garbage. This comes after Boeing promised that if they got the US Government approval for building flying tankers, they would add up to 7,500 NEW jobs to the state of Kansas.

What has happened to honesty and loyalty in the United States? Companies will do everything in their powers to have their employees show loyalty to them, then when the buck shows up, they cut them down and walk away.

Boeing’s contract should be re-evaluated and possibly even pulled after this slap in the face of Kansas workers. Why should the government honor any agreement with Boeing that was contingent on adding jobs to Kansas? The worse part of this lie is that not only 1100 hard working individuals are being cast out into a poor job market, but the numbers actually swing to 8600 when you add in the loss of the additional promised positions.

This is highly unfair to Kansas, and should be looked into very carefully to judge some sort of punishment. Companies whether large or small should be accountable for their promises, and not allowed to just lie their way into contracts, only to play the politician and not keep their promises. Granted the jobs will be added to several other plants, maybe even more jobs than lost in Wichita, but Kansas is still the loser in the end. Shame on Boeing, may the bird of paradise crap all over their profits and may all their corporate brass be uncerimoniously dumped like the unfortunate workers in Wichita.