Let life be and simply enjoy it.

I really have problem with people who try to impose their own morals or ideas upon everyone around them. I have always felt that the supreme being did not put me on this earth to pass judgements on my fellow humans.

Case in point are the self professed “good” people who piously condemn anyone who does not or cannot conform to their own ideas of perfection. These are those high brow nose in the air types who cannot see past their own noses when it comes to anyone different from them. More to the point are the Bible toting thugs who cannot see it fit to accept the gay life style.

Now personally I will admit that I do not understand the gay lifestyle situation, but if that is what they feel then let them be. It is not my business what a gay man or woman does with their own lives, as long they are not hurting me or my loved ones or anyone else. They simply want to enjoy life the best way they can, and fit into the world around them.

I was first introduced to the gay life style when I was in my early twenties. I met a young man who went by the moniker “Pumpkin”. I did not understand at the time that he was gay, just a bit odder than most of the people around me. Mostly what I saw that was different, was he wore glitter on his face in small bits.¬† I never really got to know him, not because of his “difference” but simply because we did not run with the same group of friends, and at that time of my life I found it very hard to get to know very many other people. I was somewhat shy so I really had to be around someone a long time before I could take them into my confidence.

The years passed, and I ran into a fair amount of homophobes who constantly put down anyone who was not straight. I confess I too laughed at gay jokes, and probably just to be with the crowd I was with. But I began to notice the gays (at least the ones I knew to be gay) were some of the nicest gentlest people I had ever met. At this time I was somewhat of a night owl, staying up most nights until 3 or 4 am, and I began calling into a radio station to chat with the on duty announcer. We became fair friends, sharing ideas and bantering about just about anything under the sun. Over time he opened up to me more and more, and I soon realized that he was into the gay lifestyle. My reality came into focus one night when he began talking about a gay church group he was a member of, and waited to see how I would react. It simply did not bother me at all. He knew I was straight, but also found that I accepted him on his terms, not mine.

More years passed, I found my true love, my angel, my wife and settled down as a married man. I worked as a restaurant manager in several chains, and had a fair amount of gay people working with me. I never found any reason to treat them any different from the straight people. Frankly I did not really even think along those terms, people were simply people good or bad, not gay or straight.

I began making trips around the United States going from one toy show to another, and the second trip I made to the Kane County Toy Show in Chicago’s suburb, I joined many other toy dealers in what was called “room trading”.

Basically we would arrive at the location of the toy show several days early in one particular hotel, and for several days before the show we would all open our room doors displaying our toys and buy and sell them to each other, and any customer who might show up.

At this particular show, I was selling with another dealer in our room one afternoon, and this gentleman came into our room and struck up a conversation with me. His name was Stephen (name changed to avoid problems), and I really was enjoying rapping with him about toys, dolls, and whatever. Just as he began to leave he turned back to me, wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug. I had picked up the vibe from him that he was gay, but was completely taken by surprise. I stood there probably with the stupidest surprised look imaginable not knowing what to do. Stephen stepped back, seeing my expression said with a broad grin ” Don’t worry Jon I know you are straight, I just like you.” Then left the room and that was it. I thought about it for a short while, then decided it was not a big deal.

The next time I was in Chicago, I brought my best bud Jack (name also changed) along for his first trip to ChicagoToy Show and we roomed together and set up our displays for sale. In walks Stephen and his significant other Michael. Stephen walks up to me and gives me a big hug exclaiming” Jon my old friend, I haven’t seen you for months!” Then after some chatting he and Michael exit our room.

My friend Jack sitting across from me in the room is very quiet and obviously pondering an important issue. Finally he looks at me and halting asks me ” Uh , Jon I didn’t realize you swung that way!?”

It took me several seconds to realize what he was talking about, and laughing out loud, I simply explained that Stephen was Stephen and that was the way he was.

Jack and I went back to the Chicago show many times and it never again bothered him that Stephen hugged me, in fact eventually he was also getting hugs, and it never bothered him either.

These nostalgic stories brings me back to my earlier statements. We here in Kansas City are real near that total fruitcake clan of morons living around the Topeka area, who rail against absolutely everybody and everything, spewig their venomous hate filled rants regarding gays, and every other subject they can to get their day in the sun.

Personally I could care less what they think, but it does bother me greatly that they have attempted with some success trying to disrupt the funerals  of our fallen military men. I also have umbrage against them regarding their hateful statements regarding recent tragedies around the US and the world calling them punishments from God and that they are glad that innocent people have been killed through tornadoes , earthquakes and floods.

It is sad that these type of people walk the earth trying to spread a particular type of hatred, insidious and horrible in itself. However I must point out I am not here on Earth to judge them, hopefully that judgement will come in the end, and all will be rectified.

One other time, I ran into an old acquaintance from junior high school whom had gone into ministry as a life choice. In talking with him, he asked if I remembered an another mutual friend Darrel. I said yes I did remember him, and he began admonishing Darrel because he had found out Darrel was gay. I honestly never actually thought about it until then, but it really did not matter one bit to me he was still a good human being. I was somewhat taken aback however that this self professed man of god did not have more compassion towards his fellow man simply because of his choices in lifestyle. I can say now that I hope he could and did change his attitude a great deal when he might be administering to his own flock.

My own daughter has declared openly she is gay, and quite honestly she never tried to hide it or deny that she was gay. This is not earth shaking nor is my world going to fall into tiny pieces because of her lifestyle. I do not agree with her belief, but I will stand by her and defend her right to be whomever or whatever she wants to be. Hopefully she fully understands this, and that I will not shut her out, nor will I shut out anyone she becomes involved with.

Like most other fathers, I would have been happier if she had married in the conventional way and had a family, but she feels that she will be happier with non traditional values. So be it, I just wish her the best in life and in happiness.

In closing let me simply say, let them rant, believe what you want and in whom you want, just do it on your own time, and get the HELL out of my face! Please go bother someone out there that gives a hoot about your form of insanity, I am not interested.