American Business the Greedy

Since the terrible tornado that struck the city of Joplin, Missouri several weeks ago, there is a story out there that the corporate meatheads at Direct TV were assessing the unfortunates that lost their homes and business, a $500 penalty unless their equipment was returned. Now I do not know how true or false the story is, but I had a similar experience several years back with another heartless corporation that is entirely true, and illustrates just how cold and greedy the corporate mindset thinks.

Our house and business burned to the ground in April of 2007, and a short time later we contacted Comcast our internet and TV service provider to inform them of the circumstance. We lost virtually everything we owned not only personally as well as most of the business equipment and inventory.

Comcrap oops I meant to say Comcast (actually not a slip of the pen) on hearing of our situation demanded that we reimburse them for their equipment lost with no regard to the apparent facts. They not only wanted the equipment price (at full retail no discounting here) but they also wanted the full month’s service charge even though we could not use the service for almost half that time.

Corporate greed (bottom line profit) won out , and they eventually got their full greed money. Oh I should say in their defense, they did generously allow us a payment schedule so that we could pay out (through the nose) over a six month period of time, as long as they got their money.

Personally I no longer have anykind of respect for Comcrap (Comcast) and if ever given any real chance of an equal or better provider I will jump their ship and thumb my nose at them as I leave. Comcast has proven to me that their only concern is how to rip money out of everyone’s pocket, no matter the situation. I firmly believe if someone were to die, Comcast probably has a ghoul collector who will constantly harass the mourning family members so that they will get their almighty dollar. They probably even have a morgue patrol who go around and search the pockets of the dead for loose change. Gotta make sure they get their money.

I realize that some scam artist might try to take advantage of the company and claim to have suffered terrible loss such as flood or fire, but it would have been easily verified our fire loss with the police, fire and news reports.

Why can’t these corporations set aside a certain amount of cash in a fund to help alleviate the stress on the owner’s lives instead of heaping another financial burden on an obviously poor time in their lives.

Heck I know for a fact that these corporation crapper heads waste money left and right , it would not be a drop in their buckets of corporate profit to provide such a service.

One last thought, I earlier referenced the Direct TV Corp as the opening of this rant, and I would like to make it clear, the story has not been proven, and that according to some reports, one of the corporate heads has come out and said that the story was entirely false, that their contract with users states there is no penalty due to acts of god (IE: natural disasters).