how to repair coffee table/end tables that have had water damage?

how to repair espresso desk/end dining tables that have had drinking water damage?

A marble coffee table or end table can bring a touch of elegance to any home.  Most of the marble tables seen in high end hotels and homes have marble tops with wooden stands, such as what is seen in Rococo furniture.  As mass manufacturing has gradually increased over the last 50 years, furniture has also tended to lose its quality.  One excellent example of this is Ikea’s latest quest to manufacture plastic styro rococo frames, which were at one time made from carved wood.  Many manufactures are abandoning wood and stone altogether, and are leaning toward pressed wood and plastics which is sad to see.  So it is really to find something equivalent to these vintage french marble tables, and due to their elegance lines they still remain very popular.

I have a 2 yr old set of coffee and end tables that are cherry. I was out of commission over the final yr and family members and close friends that came to improve set beverages on the coffee platforms/end dining tables. The drinking water has created the tops look prefer they possess split or have large scratches. Is there anyhow to salvage these game tables and generate them look great again?This may sound funny, but try rubbing with Mayonnaise, let set, then wipe clear. If this doesn’t work, there is often sanding and refinishing.

The professionals at eHow advise the adhering to solution:

Apply a little overall amount of non-gel toothpaste to a wet, clean, lint-free cloth.Rub toothpaste more than the drinking water spot.Take away film with a clear, wet cloth.Dry with a clear, dry fabric.Polish.

It appears to be like the finish has fissured and water has received underneath. If this is the situation, it will quickly flake off. If this is the situation, the only cure is to strip and refinish.

If you are speaking concerning white water represents (blushes), and the end is nevertheless smart, then it’s salvageable via a variety of home remedies or proprietary products.