Ode to the winter wonders!

Here I sit in the snow,

My spirits at an all time low.

My feet are now a block of ice,

Whom ever said that winter was nice?

I begin to shiver and I shake

Hoping I live for goodness sake!

Boy do I hate this cold,

It has become way too old!

My only shred of brighter hope

Is that soon with spring I will cope.

I can feel the warming sun,

As I think of outdoor fun!

But soon my thoughts will turn to dark,

Cause my butt is stuck in park!

Here I sent within a mound,

Of white hell snow that I have found.

My toes do feel like cubes of ice,

My skin has turned the color of rice!!

I think my toes have fallen aside,

No longer able to reside ,

On my feet which are blue.

Stuck to ice likeĀ  sort of glue!

Frostbite has become my friend,

wrapping me with love it sends.

It kisses me with lips that died,

Assuring me,but it lied!

I dream of sunshine as my hero

Even though its beneath the zero.