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Hello Jon Thurmond here, welcome to my store!

Collectorholics is your premium source for Antiques, Collectibles, and all items in between. I work hard to specialize in the hard to find, odd, weird, and just plain waaayyy cool items of the past and the present. Spend a few minutes looking over my various items and categories. Come back often, new items generally added daily.

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DadPic_smallWe provide unusual and hard to find one of a kind or rare items  that people either need, want, or are craving. We sell all types of toys, character related pieces, and useful items.  Our immense inventory numbers in the hundreds of thousands of items, although at this time only a fraction of those items are provided a look here on the website.

If you are looking for something, just contact us by phone, email, or regular mail, and we will try to help you locate it. We are also always on the prowl looking to buy, or trade for new collections, accumulations, estates, or single items.

Please feel free to contact us by email at: Jon@Collectorholics.com

Or by phone: (816) 914-8359

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