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Collectorholics is your premium source for Antiques, Collectibles, and all items in between. I work hard to specialize in the hard to find, odd, weird, and just plain waaayyy cool items of the past and the present. Spend a few minutes looking over my various items and categories. Come back often, new items generally added daily.

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The latest news in toys, antiques, and collectibles.

Murder is much more fun when you get away with it.

Reading the morning newspaper(yes I still like looking at a physical newspaper instead of a computer screen) this morning, I read the article regarding Shon Pernice and his now proven dead wife. Basically the story is that Shon Pernice's wife Renee mysteriously vanished about 3 years ago, with few clues to her whereabouts. For years her friends, family and associates franically tried to find her or at least come up with an exact knowledge of the...

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Boeing A late Christmas Grinch – Lays a bomb on Wichita!

News is out that Boeing is pulling out of Wichita, Kansas manufacturing plant, dumping approximately 1100 full time workers like yesterday's garbage. This comes after Boeing promised that if they got the US Government approval for building flying tankers, they would add up to 7,500 NEW jobs to the state of Kansas. What has happened to honesty and loyalty in the United States? Companies will do everything in their powers to have their employees show...

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Kansas City Chiefs Kings of the Hill for NOW!

Will the Kansas City Chiefs step up and control their own destiny? Or will they slump and fail in the end to win the Division Championship outright? Good questions but no real good answers. The answers will depend on which team shows up over the next two weekends, the Chiefs that have easily handled several teams this year and looked like powerhouses, or the team that got their tails whipped in both Denver AND San Diego. The Kanas City Chiefs...

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The Humane Society of the United States bait & switch con game?

It is reported in a story in the December 2010 Missouri Soybean Farmer Magazine, that the Humane Society of the United States (not necessarily affiliated with local Humane Societies) have taken in enormous amounts of cash donations and have spent little if any of this money to help maintain any shelters, or for the direct benefit of any animals. The Humane Society of the United States are reported to have regional offices in 33 states, and are affiliated...

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Kansas City Chiefs a Champion or a Chump??

The Kansas City Chiefs have proven once again they are an extremely fragile team with few strengths, and many glaring weaknesses. I have just witnessed the total whipping given to them by the San Diego Chargers. They were beat in almost every facet of the game. Starting with a backup quarterback who is just barely talented enough to be on a mediocre team. Without Matt Cassel, this team cannot go anywhere. Poor throws, lack of timing, even poor decisions...

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We are now open! Spend some time and look over our vast number of items!

We have now officially launched one of the most amazing websites you will find! We provide items that belong to your childhood, or you collect, or that unusual present for the special person in your life. We specialize in the odd, offbeat, rare, and fun items. Much of our inventories are still not listed so if you are looking for that special hard to find item or type of item let us know! We also love to trade, so contact us with what you want to...

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