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Hello Jon Thurmond here, welcome to my store!

Collectorholics is your premium source for Antiques, Collectibles, and all items in between. I work hard to specialize in the hard to find, odd, weird, and just plain waaayyy cool items of the past and the present. Spend a few minutes looking over my various items and categories. Come back often, new items generally added daily.

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Cooking for no profit but a lot of fun!

I love to cook almost anything. My best creative dishes are ones in which I have no recipe, but rather build up to a final product. Generally in our household, I do the bulk of the cooking since my lovely woman works a full time job, and I work here at the house. Since I have always been creative, I choose to do so now in the kitchen. I find it extremely relaxing to root through the refrigerator and create some mouth watering downright taste exploding...

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Change can be a constant or a flowing event.

Funny how things change even though they are staying the same. In fact, when I was much younger, many of the situations I found myself in were simple to negotiate and to overcome. Now that I am closing in on my 60s these simple things are becoming more and more difficult. I use to glide through various tasks daily without thinking about them, and now I have to stop and pointedly ask myself can I now do this. Yes some of this is simply old age rearing...

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Zombies can really be fun!!!

I admit it freely and loudly, I LOVE ZOMBIES! No I do not mean physically love them, I simply love to read, ingest (pardon the pun) and watch everything zombie. My love of the zombie universe stems from my early childhood, where I had the beegeebers scared out of my by a movie called "The Invisible Invaders", which later spawned the TV series "The Invaders".  The TV series did not do any justice to the movie, but was somewhat enjoyable to watch.

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Murder is much more fun when you get away with it.

Reading the morning newspaper(yes I still like looking at a physical newspaper instead of a computer screen) this morning, I read the article regarding Shon Pernice and his now proven dead wife. Basically the story is that Shon Pernice's wife Renee mysteriously vanished about 3 years ago, with few clues to her whereabouts. For years her friends, family and associates franically tried to find her or at least come up with an exact knowledge of the...

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Music to tame my inner beast

I am an eclectic type of music lover. My first real record given to me by my parents for my 12th birthday was the song "Happy Together". I played that song over,and over, and over (you get the point) until I think it literally wore out. I was totally hooked on rock and roll at that time. However my first true "experience" with music was in grade school our class would go several times a year to hear classical music from the local orchestra. I truly...

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Craziness runs in my family.

My two dogs are completely and utterly crazy. I have made this statement before, but today they are especially weird. The two dogs when I came into the living room, were both on their backs in a single line with their heads touching and snapping at each other. Sammy is the black mostly labrador, with a heavy splash of boxer, and Jenson (I call him Jimmy) is a an all white body dog with light brown spots. He resembles very closely the old Nipper dog...

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Memories Of The Past Haunt The Future

Back when I was just 11, my father being an army soldier was transferred to Formosa otherwise known at the time as Taiwan, and now known as the Peoples' Republic of Taiwan. We initially had to find housing off base since none of the housing was available on the base. My parents settled us into a nice house which was surrounded on all sides by a 10 foot solid rock wall. On the top of the wall was embedded large shards of various colored glass which...

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Boeing A late Christmas Grinch – Lays a bomb on Wichita!

News is out that Boeing is pulling out of Wichita, Kansas manufacturing plant, dumping approximately 1100 full time workers like yesterday's garbage. This comes after Boeing promised that if they got the US Government approval for building flying tankers, they would add up to 7,500 NEW jobs to the state of Kansas. What has happened to honesty and loyalty in the United States? Companies will do everything in their powers to have their employees show...

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Football Failures Are Chief

A day after the huge loss to the Oakland Faders, I am still trying to understand what to think of the Kansas City Chiefs season of dismay! I am not an Oakland Fader fan by any means but my hat goes off to the better team that won. After five quarters of up and down hard battling football fun the Chiefs finally succumbed to the opposition. Sure the Chiefs had chances to win the game several times during regulation play and could not get it done. Can...

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Let life be and simply enjoy it.

I really have problem with people who try to impose their own morals or ideas upon everyone around them. I have always felt that the supreme being did not put me on this earth to pass judgements on my fellow humans. Case in point are the self professed "good" people who piously condemn anyone who does not or cannot conform to their own ideas of perfection. These are those high brow nose in the air types who cannot see past their own noses when it...

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Yes Virginia there are miracles IE: KC Chiefs beat Packers!!

Just sitting here, basking in the glow of a rare Kansas City Chief's victory. I must profess that I like 99.9% of the football world did not think the Chiefs could, would, or even might pull a win over the up to then unbeaten Green Bay Packers. After watching the entire game, and like most, not believing my own eyes, I had to relive the game several times thru various sports shows and newscasts. Once I recovered, I began to assess what had happened...

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The real vintage hess trucks.

The gradual development of the fire department during the 19th century was clearly seen in toys designed on the same lines as the trucks and vehicles used by the early volunteer fire fighting companies. Similar to the full-size versions, the first miniatures were rather rough. Fallow's made a toy fire truck pumper of stenciled tinplate that was nothing more than two barrels joined at right angles -- highly basic and rough. Early fire fighting toys...

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